Saturday, July 30, 2016

Russian thistle control on Spur Ranch Road

Russian thistle control on Spur Ranch Road, 2016

On Monday, 1 August, spraying to control Russian thistle will occur on Spur Ranch Road.  A couple of volunteers in a John Deere ‘Gator’ will start spraying east of the railroad tracks early in the morning and spray only while there is very light wind to ensure there is no wind drift. Spraying west of the tracks will occur later in the day or early in the morning on Tuesday, 2 August. Spraying will be done, as in the past, using ‘spot’ spraying - targeting only Russian thistle.  All spraying will be done with a coarse spray designed to control spread to native plants; there will be no generalized ‘fogging’ or ‘boom’ spraying.

Please drive slowly and carefully around this spray operation as the Gator will be traveling slowly and stopping often.

Thank you,

Al Webster

Board Member,

Spur Ranch Road Association