Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Reminder: Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting

Dear Neighbor,

The 2017 Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting will be held this coming Sunday, December 10, at 3:00pm, at my home at 102 Spur Ranch Road, and I'm hoping you will be able to attend. (There is plenty of parking on the driveway) The purpose of the annual meeting is to review the 2017 road expenditures, to vote on the proposed 2018 budget (shown below) and to fill vacant director positions. In addition, an important purpose of the annual meeting is to discuss several important road issues, make suggestions to the board, and provide advice to the board about road maintenance and improvements. Here are a few highlights:

(A) Proposed 2018 Budget Discussion

This proposed budget, which is nearly identical to the 2017 budget, is a "wish list" of minimal road-related items that the board believes need attention. In 2017, we fell far short (about $6000) of collecting the revenue required to fund these expenditures. This revenue shortfall has become a chronic condition, which means that the road is not being maintained to minimum acceptable standards. The result, as we have all experienced, is is a growing problem of washboarding, ruts, and potholes that, unimpeded, will have serious consequences for road safety, driveability, vehicle damage, and, ultimately, homeowners insurance rates, mortgage availability, and property values.

            Snow Removal                                                  500
            Road Maintenance ($3000/ea x4 approx       12000
            Road Improvements (e.g.,basecourse)            3000

            Flooding and Emergencies                              3000
            Administrative, Insurance                               1600
            Signage, Weed Control, Misc                           100
                                                                    Total     20,200

 (B) Proposed 2018 Dues

Last year the community approved a ten percent dues increase, which we propose to leave unchanged for this year. The challenge is that this dues level is well below what is needed to maintain the road. Raising the dues to the required level does not necessarily increase our collected revenue, because more people decline to pay the larger amount. In fact, we have noticed a paradoxical reaction from a few residents who, upset at the deteriorating road condition, argue against paying any dues at all. This is obviously a situation that calls for further community discussion.

                                                   2011-16    2017    2018
        Residence E. of RR Tracks     200      220      (220)
        Lot E. of RR Tracks               100      110      (110)
        Residence W. of RR Tracks   275      300      (300)
        Lot W. of RR Tracks                  100      110      (110)

(C) Miscellaneous Discussion Issues

Any topics raised by the membership are welcome. In addition, the directors would like to present a number of options to curtail speeding (which greatly accelerates road deterioration), including installing speed bumps and stop signs to slow speeders, and a change to the SRRA bylaws to stipulate that members agree to follow speed limits and road signage.

(D) Election of Directors

There are three vacant positions on the board that need to be filled. Al Webster and Jim Garland have expiring terms, and are willing to stand for reelection. Community member John Holton has also agreed to be a director candidate. These are the only announced candidates to date, but the Board welcomes other persons who wish to stand for election. Write-in candidates and nominations from the floor are welcome, also. (The Board members whose terms are continuing are Mary Anne Stickler, and Jacquie Hollister.)

(E) Social Activity

As in previous years, we will provide beverages and ask that attendees, if convenient, bring a snack to be shared.

Thanks very much, and hope to see you on Sunday.

Jim Garland, President
Spur Ranch Road Association

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Train on the tracks

To All Spur Ranch Road Association Members:


I have it on very good authority that the Santa Fe Southern train will be using the tracks in our area on Wednesday, 13 December.  Please stop at the tracks and if you know anyone who usually drives through the stop signs there that caution is advised owing to the tracks being used by a train.



Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Association


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting Notice

Dear Neighbors,

This year, the Spur Ranch Road Association annual meeting will be held at my home (address below) on Sunday afternoon, December 10, at 4:00pm. At this meeting, the members will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed 2018 budget, to elect directors, and to raise other road issues of interest to our community. If you or any of your SRR neighbors have an interest in serving on our board, please be sure and let us know. I or any of the directors will be glad to answer questions about the position. Shortly, we will send you a detailed meeting agenda, along with the proposed budget and other information, but I wanted to give you an early notice of the meeting so you can put it on your calendar.  I hope you can attend. Thanks very much.

Jim Garland, President
Spur Ranch Road Association
102 Spur Ranch Road

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spur Ranch Road construction

New Mexico Gas is installing a gas line along the curve just west of US 285 along Spur Ranch Road and under US 285 to properties east of US 285. Work is scheduled to be completed by next Wednesday, 18 October, 2017.  There will be heavy equipment and workers in the ‘S’ curve: please drive carefully.





Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Ass’n

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Spur Ranch Road Update on Miller Water Line

Dear Neighbors,

We have received inquiries about the trenching for a water line on the north side of Spur Ranch Road that has been under way for the past several weeks. The trenching is being done by Mr. Joe Miller, who owns five lots abutting Spur Ranch Road that span roughly 3/4 mile from Rte 285, to the Rancho San Lucas development. Spur Ranch Road provides the only access to Mr. Miller's properties.

SRRA has several concerns about this project. First, it has gone on far too long, disrupting the community with construction activity and large, noisy, trenching equipment. Second, the movement of heavy construction vehicles places great stress on the road.  And finally, Mr. Miller is in arrears in paying his share for road upkeep and maintenance, to the accumulated total of more than $3000. He has not responded to multiple letters, emails or phone calls, nor did he inform anyone in advance of this project, as is customary for other developers who go to great lengths to maintain courteous working relationships with their neighborhoods.

Mr. Miller is using Christopher Streit at Barker Real Estate company to sell his lots, and we will copy Mr. Streit and his company with this notice, as well as the relevant zoning authorities, so they will be aware of Mr. Miller's lack of cooperation with our community.

Jim Garland, President
Spur Ranch Road Association

Monday, August 7, 2017

Santa Fe Rail Trail Public Meeting

Spur Ranch Road Association Members:


Below is a notice of a meeting regarding the Rail Trail construction mentioned earlier.


Please be aware that significant grading of your Spur Ranch Road will commence this afternoon (8 August) or tomorrow (9 August) – please drive slowly and carefully as you approach any and all heavy equipment doing the work.


Be safe,




Al Webster

Board of Directors

Spur Ranch Road Association




Colleen Baker

Project Manager

Public Works Department, Projects Division

Santa Fe County

(505) 992-9868


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Grading Spur Ranch Road

Members of the Spur Ranch Road Association:


The monsoons for 2018 have arrived and your Spur Ranch Road Association (SRRA) has determined that now is the optimal time to grade our Road again - within the next few days Spur Ranch Road from US 285 west to the tracks will be deeply graded & rolled, the ditches reshaped and the crown renewed.  Spur Ranch Road from the tracks west to Ave. de Compadres will be graded sufficient to correct the wash boarding.


During the same time frame New Mexico Gas Co. will continue to install the gas line east from Rancho San Lucas along the north side of Spur Ranch Road – road grading and pipe line installation will be coordinated.  Please be aware that there will be ‘work in progress’ road signs, traffic cones, parked  vehicles and grading occurring along Spur Ranch Road – PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY in these construction zones.


Please be aware that Ave. de Compadres will likely be passable by 4x4 vehicles only during and immediately following strong monsoon events such as those forecast for the next few days and until the monsoons are over.


Several of us have been advised that there will be increasing train traffic on the Santa Fe Southern rail line this summer.  Please note that the STOP signs at the level crossing are there for your safety and that in any collision with a train the lighter vehicle would incur the most damage.  Most vehicles using Spur Ranch Road are significantly lighter than any train.


Plans are being made by Santa Fe County to upgrade the Rail Trail from Avenida Eldorado south to Spur Ranch Road.  This upgrade is scheduled to occur during the summer of 2018 with staging of equipment at the parking area at the junction of the Rail Trail and Avenida Eldorado. There will, however, likely be additional traffic and some equipment using Spur Ranch Road.  Your SRRA Directors will be monitoring this and will try to give you timely updates.


Be safe,


Al Webster

Board of Directors

Spur Ranch Road Association