Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trains on the tracks

TUESDAY MARCH 13 Train Activity on the Santa Fe Southern Tracks !

From the SFSR Office:

There will be a safety meeting at 10 am in Lamy. The #93 engine will be fired up and run light up to Santa Fe to pick up the #1195. Come back down to Lamy and shuffle everything around. Best guess is that the return to Lamy with the #1195 will happen sometime between 2 and 4.


If you or someone you know regularly ‘blow through’ the stop sign at the railroad tracks,  today might be the day to rethink that.




Spur Ranch Road Association



Friday, March 2, 2018

Sadie was found!

Dear Neighbor,

At 5:05 pm,Sadie, our friend Pam's little five pound Yorkie mix, was finally found! To be more accurate, Sadie found us. She had worked her way up to Avenida Vista Grande and wandered onto Rt 285 (3+miles). Traffic stopped, Sadie ran under a car, and it took six motorists to coax her out. After going missing for eight hours, she was frightened, hungry, and dehydrated, but is now happily reunited with her mom.

Now, here's the part of this saga I find especially touching. Throughout the day, as we looked for Sadie, Carole and Pam and I kept finding community members out looking for her also. People we'd never met were on foot, on horseback, driving slowly with their emergency flashers on, combing the streets, knocking on doors, all searching for a tiny lost dog they'd never met, who belonged to a women they'd never met. I think that kind of community spirit and involvement is a special part of living here, and I am enormously grateful for everybody who pitched in. And, of course, so is Sadie. Thank you all very, very much.


Missing Dog on Spur Ranch Road

Please help us find Sadie (photo attached), a tiny five pound mixed breed, who wandered off about 9 am this morning and is most likely on SRR, near the RR track crossing, or one of the side streets. She is wearing a collar and name tag. Please email me or call Carole Garland at 505-699-5811, or Pam Kellett at 505-919-9551 if you have seen her or have any information at all. She is very small and adorable and very friendly. Thanks.

Jim Garland
102 Spur Ranch Road

Monday, February 26, 2018

FW: Earth Day on Spur Ranch Road

Neighbors and Friends,


Please see the attached and sign up for Earth Day pick up on Spur Ranch Road.






Al Webster


Spur Ranch Road Association

20 Silver Saddle





The fact that we still live with dogs, even when we don’t have to herd or hunt our dinner, gives me hope for humans and canines alike.”Oprah Winfrey



Monday, January 29, 2018

Spur Ranch Road Maintenance to begin

Spur Ranch Road Maintenance


Monday, 1/30/2018


Please be alert to heavy equipment including water trucks, graders and rollers starting this afternoon continuing through Wednesday, 1 February,  on the entire length of Spur Ranch Road; US 285 to Ave. de Compadres..

Please drive slowly and carefully,


Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Association 


Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 SRRA Annual Meeting Minutes

                          Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting

                                         December 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 3:12 pm.

 Board Members present:  Jim Garland, MaryAnne Stickler, Al Webster

Ex-Officio volunteers present: Roberta Armstrong (accountant), Carole Garland (recording secretary)

 SRRA members present: 9

             The first order of business was a report on road conditions presented by Al Webster. Before the SRRA was formed in 2011 the road was in much worse shape, with deep ruts and washboarding. There were concerns about community safety, since it was feared that emergency vehicles would not be able to get to homes in a timely manner. Property values were being negatively impacted, since realtors were reluctant to show homes due to the poor road condition.  The road is currently serviceable and safe, though further improvements are desirable. Members expressed concerns about the level of dust and the fact that grading provides only a very temporary improvement.  We discussed methods of dust control and Ron Billingsley suggested that there is too much loose gravel on the road and excess should be removed. The source of wear on the road is the increasing number of cars and the high speed at which they travel.  The possibility of installing speed bumps and/or stop signs at Silver Saddle was discussed and referred back to the board for investigation.

            We discussed weed control. This past year we did not spray Russian Thistle with Roundup and will evaluate if this lack of spraying led to a greater weed infestation. If we decide to spray next year, we will use an 18% vinegar solution to spot-spray noxious weeds to see if this method wo

            Roberta Armstrong  reported on expenditures in 2017 and then the proposed budget for 2018 was presented to the group. There will be no increase in dues next year. One budget item was amended: the category "road improvements" was merged with "flood damage and emergencies." After discussion, Roberta Armstrong moved that the 2018 budget be approved and Mary Anne Stickler seconded that motion. The budget was approved unanimously. (The 2018 budget was the same as the 2017 budget, except for a $100 reduction in the signage/weed control/misc category.)

            The annual dues statement should be sent out to all residents before year's end.

            As an action item, Glenn Edens (Rancho San Lucas) suggested that the Board solicit bids for directors' liability insurance, in hopes of reducing the annual premiums. There was general agreement this was a good idea.

 The last item of business was to elect officers. We note with regret that board member Henry McCormick resigned from the board for reasons of health and we thank him for his service. Two of our board members, Mary Ann Stickler and Jacquie Hollister, are not up for re-election this year. So we needed to elect three more board members. Al Webster and Jim Garland agreed to run for another term and John Holton also agreed to be nominated. There were no additional nominations from the floor. The three nominees spoke briefly about why they would like to serve and then Roberta Armstrong moved that they be approved by acclamation. Mary Anne Stickler seconded the motion and the nominees were elected unanimously.

 There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:20 pm.

 After the meeting, the directors elected Jim Garland, president; Al Webster, treasurer, John Holton, vice president.

 Respectfully submitted, Carole Garland, Secretary






Correction: SRRA Minutes

Dear Neighbor,

Sorry, I emailed the wrong link to the SRRA blogsite. Here is the correct one: http://spurranchroad.blogspot.com/

Jim Garland