Monday, January 5, 2015

FW: Spur Ranch Road association Dues Notice

From: Jim Garland []
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 2:38 PM
Subject: Spur Ranch Road association Dues Notice


Happy New Year Spur Ranch Road Association Members!


With the New Year comes our annual request to support your Road Association for another year.  The funding you provide goes toward snow plowing, grading and upgrading as planned or as becomes necessary, repairing ditching, adding water control measures, signage as is necessary and weed control, etc.


Dues agreed to by the members of the Association at the November 2014 meeting are as follows:

Homeowners who are members of a Home Owners Association – SRRA fees may be built into your HOA fees; please confirm that with your HOA officers.


Property only - $100 per lot

Residence east of the railroad tracks  (Incl. Tierra Colinas)- $200

Residence west of the railroad tracks - $275


We request that the Home Owners Associations make their annual payments as soon as possible.


At the annual general meeting held in November, 2014 the following individuals were elected as Directors and officers:


President – Jim Garland

Vice President – Henry McCormick

Secretary – Maryanne Stickler

Treasurer – Al Webster

Director at large – Jake Greene


These individuals are either your neighbours and/or use Spur Ranch Road to access their property and are dedicated to providing the members of the Association with a safe, secure and reliable road for all the uses to which it is put; US Postal Service, package delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, propane & garbage trucks, household repair/maintenance vehicles, visiting friends and/or relatives, etc.  The Association was formed in 2011 to start a process of repair, building and maintenance that continues to this day. 


Please support your Spur Ranch Road Association with prompt payment of your 2015 Association dues.  Dues may be sent to me at the below address. And ‘Thanks’ in advance,



Al Webster

Treasurer, SRRA