Saturday, December 17, 2016

Spur Ranch Road grading

Road Grading of Spur Ranch Road

December 17, 2017


Owing to the condition of the road - some standing water and many wash boards - and owing to the positive response for 2017 funding by members of your Spur Ranch Road Association by both new and previous members, Spur Ranch Road will be graded as soon as is possible given the current weather conditions - rain turning to snow, high winds and colder temperatures– likely early next week.

Happy Holidays to all and, please, Drive both Safely and, especially, Slowly


Al Webster


Spur Ranch Road Association


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Spur Ranch Road Association Safety message

It is highly recommended that you have a reflective number sign on the road outside your residence so Emergency Responders can easily and quickly locate your residence.  These number signs can be made available to you through Santa Fe County Fire’s Rural Addressing division located at 102 Grant Avenue in Santa Fe.  Their contact number is 505.995.2732.  These number signs should be placed at the road end of your driveway – not close to your house – Emergency Responders need to be able to see the signs from the road.


If you have a locked gate on your property you should have a Knox System on your number pad that allows Emergency Responders to have easy access.  Information on Knox Systems is available to you by contacting Rural Addressing as above.  If your gate is secured by a padlock it is recommended that you have a Santa Fe County Fire specific keyed lock in the case that fire or other emergency access is needed if you are not home or if you have padlocked the gate behind you and need emergency response.


Be safe and, please, drive slowly.


Al Webster

Board of Directors,

Spur Ranch Road Association