Monday, November 30, 2015

Reminder: Spur Ranch Road Assoc. Annual Mtg THIS SUNDAY

Dear Neighbors,

The Spur Ranch Road Association annual meeting is this Sunday, December 6, at 3pm at my home (102 Spur Ranch Road). At the meeting, association members will be asked to vote on a 2016 budget and also the annual dues request. There are no open director positions this year.  The meeting provides an opportunity for members to learn more about the road's maintenance and improvement needs, and to ask questions.

The meeting is open to all interested parties, although voting is restricted to those members whose dues have been fully paid during 2015. If your dues are paid by your HOA, it is important that an HOA representative be present at the meeting to vote on your behalf. If you'd prefer to cast your own ballot, that can be arranged at the meeting. 

Beverages will be provided, and members are encouraged to bring a light appetizer or snack to share. Hope to see you then.



Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SSRA Board Meeting and Minutes

Two Items:

1. Attached are the revised minutes of our last meeting. Thanks to those who made suggestions. I'll post these on the SSRA website.


2. I'd like to schedule a board meeting to make last minute preparations for our annual meeting. Let's try Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 7 pm. (The annual meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 6). Let me know if you can make it.




Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tierra Bello Zoning Hearing

Developer Joe Miller has applied to the County for approval to proceed with Phases 2 and 3 of his subdivision, Tierra Bello. A hearing to discuss his request will be held on November 19 at 4:00 pm at the County Commison office on Grant Street. The Spur Ranch Road Association is not taking a formal position on his proposal, but community members who have concerns or suggestions about this development are encouraged to attend the meeting.




Jim Garland, President

Spur Ranch Road Associationg 

Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting

Dear Neighbors,

The SRRA annual meeting this year will be on Sunday, December 6, at 3pm at my home (102 Spur Ranch Road). At the meeting, association members will be asked to vote on a 2016 budget and also the annual dues request. There are no open director positions this year.  The meeting provides an opportunity for members to learn more about the road's maintenance and improvement needs, and to ask questions.


The meeting is open to all interested parties, although voting is restricted to those members whose dues have been fully paid during 2015. If your dues are paid by your HOA, it is important that an HOA representative be present at the meeting to vote on your behalf. If you'd prefer to cast your own ballot, that can be arranged at the meeting.


I'll send out a more detailed reminder notice as the date approaches. Beverages will be provided, and members are encouraged to bring a light appetizer or snack to share. Hope to see you then.



Jim Garland, President

Spur Ranch Road Association

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spur Ranch Road Update 10_31_2015

Dear Neighbors,


With yesterday's 0.63 inches of rain, the year-to-date total rainfall on the road is now 13.21 inches, about thirty percent more than last year's total. The road west of the RR tracks survived the recent rain in reasonably sound shape, with good drainage along the bar ditches. Some of the ditches will require cleaning of silt and debris, but nothing major.  Avenida des Compadres, as of this afternoon, is passable only with 4WD vehicles, with two deep muddy stretches along the unimproved dirt road segment. Until it dries out, we encourage residents to avoid Compadres.


The area east of the RR tracks to Rte 285 has segments where potholes have formed and washboards are beginning to develop. At this point, the road is still drivable, and we plan to wait until later in the year before regrading it. The base of the road still seems solid, so we don't expect the potholes deepen significantly.


I know I sound like a broken record, but speeding continues to be a problem. Driving in excess of 30 mph greatly accelerates the pothole and washboard problem, so please take your time. We have received reports of delivery trucks, especially FedEx, significantly exceeding the posted speed limit.


Our budget for the remainder of the year is about $4000. If we don't have unexpected heavy snowfalls, we'll try and grade the road one last time before the first of the year.  The SRRA directors will be meeting soon to prepare a budget for 2016 to present to the entire membership at our annual meeting. The meeting will be in early December, and we'll notify you as soon as we have a date.


Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spur Ranch Road Update 10/22/2015

Dear Neighbors,


My fellow SRRA director, Al Webster, and I checked the road condition this morning, following yesterday's 1.25 inches of rain, and found the road west of the RR tracks to Compadres to be generally in good condition, with minor washboarding and undercutting, and some partly filled in bar ditches on the north side of the road.


The east side of the road, between SR 285 and the RR tracks did not fare so well. Although the washboarding has not significantly worsened, many potholes have developed, some of them relatively deep.


We had planned initially to grade the east portion of the road late last week, but postponed the work because of the imminent rain. As it turned out, that was a fortuitous move, and we're now planning to grade the east part of the road as soon as the road dries out sufficiently, most likely in the next day or two. The moisture is good, since it means we can save money by not having to water (and possibly roll) the road. We hope the savings will enable us to grade the west portion of the road as well and, pending negotiations with the grader, perhaps clean out and deepen some of the bar ditches.


Grading the road several times a year will be a continuing expense for the Association. We don't have enough budget to build up a solid base for the road bed, much less pave it with asphalt or concrete, so we'll make do as best as possible. However, every time we grade the road, it shortens its remaining life expectancy. This is a particular problem for the road west of the RR tracks, where flooding has washed out the base course foundation in several areas.


Some of may be using Avenida Compadres.The most worrisome section of Compadres is the 1/4 mile segment that lacks any foundation at all. We checked that segment this morning, and was pleased to find it was not as bad as we expected. It will be muddy but should be passable with a 4WD vehicle, though we don't recommend it.



Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association




Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spur Ranch Road Update

Hola Neighbours,,


There will be a road grader working on Spur Ranch Road either this Wednesday or Thursday (14 or 15 October) from NM 285 to the railroad tracks.  This will be a minor grading to remove most of the washboarding and to prepare the road for the upcoming winter season and the forecasted active ‘El Nino’.  Please watch out for the grader, recalling that it weighs about 13 tons and that the driver, concentrating on the road ahead,  may not see you approach. 


Thanks, Happy Halloween, and don't forget to preserve our road and yourself by driving slowly and carefully.


Jim Garland, president

(for the Spur Ranch Road Directors)



Monday, September 14, 2015

Prepare for emergencies

We promise we won’t overwhelm you with emails nor advertisements but we think this is very worthwhile for all members of Spur Ranch Road Association:


Be safe and drive slowly,




Spur Ranch Road Association

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spur Ranch Road Mid-Summer Update

Dear Neighbor,

Here’s a mid-summer report on Spur Ranch Road and your road association activities.


A. Thank-You

            We are extremely grateful for the financial support of the SRR community during the past year. Our overall contribution rate is about 90%, which is remarkable, given that contributions to the road association are voluntary. I’d like particularly to acknowledge the support from the residents who live and own property west of the RR tracks. This past year, we achieved a 100% participation rate from those residences and lot owners. Given the maintenance needs of the west part of the road, this support has been extraordinarily helpful. So thanks everybody!

            Further, following our message to the community urging drivers to drive slowly, we’ve noticed subjectively that speeding along the road has decreased. Driving at or below the posted 30 mph speed limit greatly minimizes washboarding and excessive dust. We still need to stay on top of this issue, but we’re very appreciative of the positive community cooperation.


B. Road Condition

            East of the RR tracks: Several weeks after grading and rolling the road in late May, the road condition is generally satisfactory. Our plan is to add basecourse to the worst parts of the road, as our budget allows, and this strategy appears to have help stabilize the road against rapid deterioration. Our impression is that the Bionic Soil treatment, although not as impressive as we expected, has helped stabilize the road against the large amount of rainfall we’ve experienced during the past two months. Shallow washboards are developing, but the spacing between washboard crests is short, suggesting that the base under the road is still quite hard and has not been degraded by rain. Our current plans call for one further grading at the conclusion of the monsoon season.

            West of the RR tracks: In May, we performed significant maintenance to the road between the RR Tracks and Compadres, adding short segments of basecourse to the sections most badly damaged by last year’s flooding. During the past two months, there have been times when Compadres (the alternate entrance to the residences at the west end of the road) became impassible, so in the interests of safety, the SRRA directors felt it was important to keep SRR open and drivable. It is important to understand that the road, though passable, is still very vulnerable to flooding and washout. The drainage problems and general lack of structural integrity along lengths are a continuing worry. So far this season, we’ve been lucky that the rains have not washed out the road, as they did last year.


C. Budget Report:

            Our current balance at the end of July is about $4800. We have budgeted $2500 for one more routine grading after the monsoon season, and $500 for snow removal and miscellaneous expenses during the winter months, leaving us with a hoped-for year end balance of $1800. I say “hoped-for,” because we don’t have money for any substantial unplanned expenses. For example, last year’s late autumn flooding west of the RR tracks required about $7500 of emergency repairs in order to keep the road open. Should we experience comparable problems this year, we’ll have no choice but to ask for additional contributions from residents. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that won’t be necessary. (Good budget practice suggests we should build up a reserve fund to handle contingencies and long-term road improvements, and our initial goal was to budget $4000 a year for this purpose. Unfortunately, our revenues and expenses haven’t allowed us to do that, so at the present time we have no reserve fund.)


D. Miscellaneous

            Road Spraying: As in the past few years, we have targeted invasive Russian Thistle plants along the roadside with herbicide. This spraying has been done on a plant-by-plant basis, using a diluted mix (roughly 5 tablespoons of concentrate to a gallon of water) of Roundup, an herbicide whose main component is glyphosate. The toxicity of glyphosate has been extensively studied for several decades, and by far the large majority of rigorous studies have concluded it to be very safe. (Hundreds of people have tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide by drinking the chemical. A 200 lb person would have to drink about two pounds of the concentrate to have a 50% chance of dying, which places it roughly in the same toxicity category as table salt or sugar.) The half life of the chemical is about 45 days.

            Despite such findings, many people still worry about unrecognized toxicity, or the long term impact of the chemical on human health. Other people worry about allergies and chemical sensitivity to the herbicide. Other things being equal, therefore, many conclude that a “better safe than sorry” approach to glyphosate or any other herbicide is obviously desirable.

The SRRA directors are sympathetic to these concerns and have weighed the pluses and minuses of using the chemical. The problem is that Russian Thistle (aka “tumbleweed”) is a highly invasive weed that thrives in disturbed soils, such as the regularly graded soils alongside our road. If allowed to grow, the weeds develop into large unattractive plants which eventually die, break off, and spread seeds throughout the area. They also represent a substantial fire hazard during the late summer and autumn fire season. The SRRA directors voted to spray the Russian Thistle this past Spring, but to revisit the issue before next year’s weed season. We would very much welcome informed comments and opinions from residents on this issue.

Speed Bumps: The directors have discussed the pros and cons of installing speed bumps along the road as a way to slow down traffic. While speed bumps (or speed humps) can be effective, they are also a nuisance, can pose liability issues, require periodic maintenance, interfere with road grading and snow removal, and can be expensive to install. Nevertheless, we are continuing to look into the possibility, one option being to install one or two speed bumps as a pilot program. We would appreciate your thoughts on this issue. Thanks very much.


Jim Garland

President, Spur Ranch Road Association

Thursday, July 30, 2015

SRRA Board of Directors Minutes July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Directors Present:         Jim Garland, Jake Greene, Henry McCormick, Al Webster
Director Absent:          Mary Anne Stickler
Guests:                         Roberta Armstrong, Carole Garland

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

The first order of business was a discussion of the current road conditions.  Up to Junipero, conditions are good.  West of Junipero, recent rains have impacted the road.  The ditches are filling with silt, road gravel, and tumbleweed.  The culvert pipe is about half full of silt on the downstream side and there is some minor undercutting of the road surface on the north side of the road.

We then reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  After discussion, Jake moved that the report be accepted, Henry seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

The current balance is $6,462.71.  We need to reserve funds for the following expenses (amounts are approximate) in this budget year:

                        Commercial liability insurance:                          $1600
                        One more grading of road                                  2500
                        Snowplowing                                                      600

Thus, we have approximately $1700 left should additional expenses arise. 

The topic of slowing traffic was then discussed.  Several residents have asked whether speed bumps could be installed.  Various options for traffic calming were discussed but no decisions were made. Al will seek information on the optimal width and depth of rolling dips (a traffic calming device) and how such dips need to be marked. At some point we may survey the community to determine the level of support for some means of slowing traffic.

We will implement a few ideas to encourage people to drive more slowly:

            A sign in English and Spanish, asking people to slow down
            A set of humorous signs (to be paid for privately)
            A letter to residents, reminding them to drive slowly and to ask delivery people, workmen, etc. 
                 to slow down as well.

Jim will send an email to the SRRA members with a general update. We also need to contact residents on the west end of the road so that they are aware that the $1700 remaining in our budget would not be enough to repair the road if a flash flood washes it out again.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spur Ranch Road repair and maintenance

To: Spur Ranch Road Association (SRRA) Members

From: Al Webster, Member, SRRA Board of Directors

Re: Road repair and maintenance

Please be aware that, depending on monsoonal activities, grading and rolling of Spur Ranch Road from NM 285 to Ave Compadres will begin Friday, 10 July, 2015.  If the road is too wet on Friday, grading and rolling will occur on either Monday or Tuesday, 13 or 14 July, 2015.  Please know that the grader weighs in excess of 10 tons and is not as agile as a car or truck – the same is true for the roller.  The equipment operator(s) will be concentrating on getting the job done so the road is left in excellent condition– please drive slowly around the road equipment and be courteous to the operator(s).  In fact, please drive slowly on Spur Ranch Road at all times; the posted speed of 30 mph is the ‘maximum’ speed recommended in order to prevent further damage to the road.

Drive safely,



Thursday, May 14, 2015



2015 May 14: STAGE 1 – Guarded Conditions Water Restrictions Imposed


Santa Fe, New Mexico – May 14, 2015 – The Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD) is imposing water restrictions on its customers beginning Thursday,
May 14, 2015. A Stage 1 Water Alert is put into effect when it appears that water supply may not be able to keep up with demand or in anticipation of supply lagging demand during drought periods or extended periods of exceptionally hot weather. Water production is limited this year owing to the impact of ongoing drought conditions on the District’s wells. The water levels in two District wells drilled into the Galisteo Creek Alluvium near Lamy are too low to pump during years of drought and low winter snow pack in the watershed. This year we are also seeing the effects of five years of sustained drought conditions, resulting in reduced production levels in two other major District wells.

STAGE 1-GUARDED CONDITIONS WATER RESTRICTIONS include following the mandatory conservation measures given below:
A. Outdoor watering is restricted to one of the following two options of the customer’s choosing:

1. Up to THREE WEEKDAYS, including only Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday (NO WEEKEND WATERING); OR

2. TWO days per week, including ONE weekend day as follows:

a) ODD-NUMBERED house addresses on Tuesday and Saturday;

b) EVEN-NUMBERED house addresses on Thursday and Sunday;

B. No watering of lawns;

C. No new in-ground planting of any trees or shrubs

D. No outdoor watering between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm

E. No washing of outdoor hard surfaces (e.g., driveways, patios, sidewalks)

F. No washing of vehicles, including recreational vehicles or trailers

G. No filling or adding water to pools or outdoor water features (e.g., fountains, ponds). Covered outdoor spa/hot tubs are allowed.

ENFORCEMENT in a Stage 1 Water Alert is as follows:

§  First-time violations of these water restrictions will result in a verbal warning and documentation in a customer file.

§  A second violation will result in a written notice of violation.

§  All other violations will result in the customer’s water service being turned off.


The District is taking action to implement water supply projects that will ease the burdens on the water system under future drought conditions. If a more severe water alert is posted, it will be advertised on the District website, on signs posted in the Eldorado area, on posters in various locations in the community, and through a press release to the local area newspapers. Likewise, similar notification will be provided when the Water Alert is lifted. Meanwhile, EAWSD customers are being asked to continue their water conservation efforts with special attention to reducing usage on weekends, which are typically the highest usage periods.

For more information:

§  Call 466-1085 (EAWSD customer service and billing office)

§  email [ ] or

§  Visit the EAWSD website at or

§  Read the May issue of Water Notes


To receive important EAWSD water alerts and notifications via

email, SUBSCRIBE to our elist service by clicking on the link below:


This communication contains information from the Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District

that may be confidential. Except for personal use by the intended recipient or as expressly

authorized by the sender, any person who receives this information is prohibited from disclosing,

copying, distributing, and/or using it unless specifically provided under the New Mexico Inspection

of Public Records Act. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately delete

it and all copies, and promptly notify the sender. Nothing in this communication is intended to
operate as an electronic signature under applicable law.





Spur Ranch Road work commencing


You will likely have noticed that following the rains this spring the section of Spur Ranch Road from NM 285 to the railroad tracks has become seriously degraded with potholes and ruts.  Your Spur Ranch Road Association Board of Directors has contracted with a road contractor to grade, add base course, water and roll that section of Spur Ranch Road.  That work will commence within 10 days from this date.  In the interim please drive slowly and carefully.  After the road has been repaired, please drive slowly and carefully – the speed limit along the entire length of Spur Ranch Road is 30 mph – vehicles driving Spur Ranch Road at speeds in excess of 30 mph create degradation to the road at a geometric rate.


Drive Safely (and Slowly),


Al Webster,


Spur Ranch Road Association


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day on Spur Ranch Road


Many thanks to the below-named SRRA members and neighbours who picked up a year’s worth of trash and garbage off SRR and some 15-feet on either side of the ditches on 22 April, 2015:

Compadres to Junipero: Smokey Daniels

Junipero to the SFS tracks: Ron Billingsley

SFS tracks to Silver Saddle: David and Susan Hill, Kerry Armour

Silver Saddle to 285: Mary Clark, Roberta Armstrong and Al Webster

There were some interesting finds recorded – it seems that Foster’s Lager was the beverage of choice for drivers this year followed by almost equal representation by the brewers of Pacifico, Corona, and Anheuser-Busch.  Red Bull was also noted as were some of the hydrating ‘ sport drinks’.  Both bottles and cans were collected and recycled.  There were various scraps of plastic and metal of un-identifiable sources collected.  All the glass, plastic and metal will be recycled.  We don’t need to wait until next Earth Day to collect materilas on the road, by the way……..


Again, thanks for all the assistance and willingness to get dirty in aid of keeping the road neat and presentable.


Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Association,

Board member

Thursday, March 26, 2015



You may have noticed all the orange traffic control signs/flags by the tracks. Here's what's happening:  Paramount Pictures is filming the Santa Fe Southern train tomorrow.  The engine will arrive about 1600 today, Thursday, 3.26.2015, and will park just north of the intersection tonight.  Filming will start tomorrow and will commence about 0900.  Filming will be done mostly from the crossing south to the first trestle. Filming is scheduled to be completed about 1600 tomorrow, Friday,  3.27.2015. There should be minimal, if any, delay crossing the tracks on Spur Ranch Road.  Please drive carefully and follow the directions of the traffic control folks who will be posted there tomorrow.


Al Webster


Spur Ranch Road Association

Monday, February 16, 2015

Reminder - Earth Day Cleanup April 22

Earth Day Cleanup on Spur Ranch Road

April 22nd, 2015 is Earth Day and the day we’re going to pick up the years’ worth of beer and water bottles, old tires, cans, broken bottles and assorted other trash along Spur Ranch Road. Mark your calendars!
We’ll clean out the ditches and some 10 - feet beyond the ditches.  Roberta and I will be out in our small John Deere with the orange trailer and will collect the materials from Silver Saddle to 285 on both sides of the road.  We will need other SRR neighbours and friends to collect the debris from Compadres to Junipero on both sides of the road.  We’ll need additional individuals in the spirit of Earth Day to clean up both sides of the road from Junipero to the Santa Fe Southern tracks and more SRR folks from the SFS tracks to Silver Saddle.  It’ll be good to see some neighbours out there picking up the plastic and glass bottles and other collectables. You’ll be astounded at the material you’ll find out there – be interesting to get a Blog report from teams or individuals who participate.  We’ll start the debris collection Earth Day, April 22 about 0830.  Please sign up below so we know who will be participating.
Remember, Spur Ranch Road belongs to all of us and we’re all responsible for maintaining it in a clean and uncluttered state; if we don’t do it, I can guarantee, no one else will.  
Compadres to Junipero: Smokey Daniels
Junipero to the SFS tracks: Susie and Ben Schoenfeld
SFS tracks to Silver Saddle: David and Susan Hill
Silver Saddle to 285: Roberta Armstrong and Al Webster
Send any and all signups to me at <>
Here’s the Spur Ranch Road Blogsite:
Al Webster
Spur Ranch Road Association

SRRA Board Minutes 02-11-2015

February 11, 2015

Directors Present:  Jim Garland, Jake Green, Al Webster
Directors Absent:  Henry McCormick, Mary Anne Stickler
Guests:                   Roberta Armstrong, Carole Garland, Jacquie Hollister

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Roberta presented a budget summary for the period January 1 – February 11 and reported that SRRA had a positive cash flow during this period of $9,914.64.  The current bank balance is $13,683.19. We will make an effort to increase the level of participation from property owners at the west end of the road, and to aid that effort, Roberta presented a packet of solicitation information to be mailed to those individuals.  Jacquie has been contacting people living or owning property west of Rosa Linda regarding their participation and has volunteered to host an informational meeting in early spring.

Jacquie noted that there is no SRRA signage on the west end of the road, suggesting to some that we are not caring for that portion of the road.  It was agreed that Al will look into purchasing signs.

We need to contact Gilbert Chavez, to clarify the Rosa Linda accounting process.  The following questions and issues were formulated: (1) Do Rosa Linda owners pay their lot assessment out of their HOA assessments? (2) Should SRRA bill homeowners individually for their portion?  (3) Gilbert Chavez should be credited with $275 (the yearly individual assessment) for his in-kind road work.

The directors discussed concerns about the level of participation from the Tierra Colinas HOA.  Jake Greene reported that TCHOA directors voted to pay 50% of their collected revenue to SRRA, but was unaware of any rationale for that figure  Further, he indicated TCHOA will contribute toward their 2015 dues (currently an unspecified amount) in 2016, creating significant budget concerns for SRRA.

Jim reminded the board that all director positions are “at large,” with the directors representing the interests of all residents, rather than any specific or assigned constituency. Communication between the HOAs and SRRA will normally be between the presidents of the groups, since the presidents can speak on behalf of their respective boards.

The directors recognized the need to improve communication between SRRA and the three HOAs along the road, so we will invite HOA presidents to our meetings.  Jim volunteered to contact the TCHOA president to talk about improving communication.

We discussed road conditions on both the west end and east end of SRR.  Due to an improper final grading, three inch deep potholes have developed on about 1/3 of the road’s length. The underlying structure of the road below the potholes appears to be sound.  Bob Sherwin is bringing in his partner from Australia and we will arrange to meet with him to discuss options for improving the road surface.

Monday, January 5, 2015

FW: Spur Ranch Road association Dues Notice

From: Jim Garland []
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 2:38 PM
Subject: Spur Ranch Road association Dues Notice


Happy New Year Spur Ranch Road Association Members!


With the New Year comes our annual request to support your Road Association for another year.  The funding you provide goes toward snow plowing, grading and upgrading as planned or as becomes necessary, repairing ditching, adding water control measures, signage as is necessary and weed control, etc.


Dues agreed to by the members of the Association at the November 2014 meeting are as follows:

Homeowners who are members of a Home Owners Association – SRRA fees may be built into your HOA fees; please confirm that with your HOA officers.


Property only - $100 per lot

Residence east of the railroad tracks  (Incl. Tierra Colinas)- $200

Residence west of the railroad tracks - $275


We request that the Home Owners Associations make their annual payments as soon as possible.


At the annual general meeting held in November, 2014 the following individuals were elected as Directors and officers:


President – Jim Garland

Vice President – Henry McCormick

Secretary – Maryanne Stickler

Treasurer – Al Webster

Director at large – Jake Greene


These individuals are either your neighbours and/or use Spur Ranch Road to access their property and are dedicated to providing the members of the Association with a safe, secure and reliable road for all the uses to which it is put; US Postal Service, package delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, propane & garbage trucks, household repair/maintenance vehicles, visiting friends and/or relatives, etc.  The Association was formed in 2011 to start a process of repair, building and maintenance that continues to this day. 


Please support your Spur Ranch Road Association with prompt payment of your 2015 Association dues.  Dues may be sent to me at the below address. And ‘Thanks’ in advance,



Al Webster

Treasurer, SRRA