Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spur Ranch Road work commencing


You will likely have noticed that following the rains this spring the section of Spur Ranch Road from NM 285 to the railroad tracks has become seriously degraded with potholes and ruts.  Your Spur Ranch Road Association Board of Directors has contracted with a road contractor to grade, add base course, water and roll that section of Spur Ranch Road.  That work will commence within 10 days from this date.  In the interim please drive slowly and carefully.  After the road has been repaired, please drive slowly and carefully – the speed limit along the entire length of Spur Ranch Road is 30 mph – vehicles driving Spur Ranch Road at speeds in excess of 30 mph create degradation to the road at a geometric rate.


Drive Safely (and Slowly),


Al Webster,


Spur Ranch Road Association


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