Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spur Ranch Road Update 07_12_2013

Dear Neighbor,

            As I'm sure you've noticed, the rains this week (more then two inches), although welcome, have taken a serious toll on our road. The rain is forcast to end this weekend and, weather permitting we will be regrading the road between Rt 285 and Calle Junipero on Monday afternoon and possibly Tuesday. This is a stopgap measure, until the road is completed by Bionic Soil Solutions (formerly RoadPacker SW). We have been in frequent contact with Mr. Bob Sherwin, most recently two days ago. In response to our query, he responded:

            " I have been waiting on another community who wants to do 20 miles, so I would have the money and equipment available to do SRR.  They all met for the HOA meeting and loved what they saw and seem very optimistic about getting it done, but didn't have a quorum to complete their vote.  My understanding is that they have to do it through the mail now.  The board members came and watched the installation in Carlsbad for the Bass Brothers and one of them is a road builder who was very impressed and is pushing it for us.  I am at their mercy right now as I want to come and finish off SRR as soon as I am able.  It will cost me about $75,000 so I have to do it in conjunction with another paying job and when equipment is deployed.  I will keep you posted."

                In addition to grading the road, we are also improving the gambion we installed a few weeks ago to improve runoff at the west end of the road.  In case your civil engineering knowledge is a bit rusty, a gambion is a box-like cage filled with riprap (aka rocks), commonly used in road building to stabilize water runoff. It comes from Italian gabbia and Latin cavea, meaning "cage. If you haven't seen our gambion, take a drive toward the west end of the road. You can't miss it.



Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association

102 Spur Ranch Road


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spur Ranch Road conditions

09 September, 2013



Spur Ranch Road Association Members:


Owing to the recent rains Spur Ranch Road has softened along much of its length.  Owing to increased traffic, including both large horse trailers and loaded and unloaded dump trucks weighing in at some 13+ tons each (depending on the size of the dump body and the amount/type of the load) traveling SRR at speeds in excess of the posted limit, the road has deteriorated, again, along much of its entire length.  The Spur Ranch Road directors, while being aware of the road’s condition, and like you, using it as our primary residential access, have no control over the weight of vehicles using the road and only the S.F. Sheriff’s deputies on vehicular patrol have any significant control of the speed of any vehicles using the road.


For you members living on the west end of Spur Ranch Road and using Ave. de Compadres you’ll have noted that Ave. d. Compadres has also deteriorated significantly and may become impassable given the additional rains currently forecast. If Ave. d. Compadres becomes impassable that will leave Spur Ranch Road as your primary ingress/egress. 


Please encourage any visitors, construction drivers, etc. using Spur Ranch Road to drive the posted speeds – especially those individuals pulling trailers and/or those hauling heavy loads.


The SRRA board will do everything we can given our current financial resources to ensure Spur Ranch Road remains passable and safe; we also live here.




Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Association Board member

Monday, September 9, 2013

Spur Ranch Road Association 2013 Dues Notice

Dear Neighbor,

At its meeting of August 22, the SRRA directors (Jim Garland, Al Webster, Ron Billingsley, Susie Schoenberg and Bob Holzer) unanimaously approved a 2013 dues schedule, which is unchanged from the previous year. (Note that the 2013 operating budget of $11,800 had previously been approved by the membership at the annual meeting of March 31, 2012). Payment of dues is voluntary, but the directors hope all residents will pay their fair share to maintain and improve the road.


The dues schedule is as follows:


1: Base Dues

            Residences west of railroad tracks, except Tierra Colinas: $275

            All other residences, including Tierra Colinas: $200

            Lots without residences: $100 per lot


2. Tierra Colinas Residents: part of your dues is automatically paid through your homeowners association assessment. The remainder is your responsibility and should be paid separately to the SRRA. The additional yearly amount to be paid is:


            Tierra Colinas Residents: $70

            Tierra Colinas Lot Owners: $35


3. Rancho San Lucas residents: Your HOA assessment includes the full (100%) dues for homeowners. Lot owners, and builder-owned homes are not covered for their lot assessment.


Please make checks payable to: Spur Ranch Road Association

                                                            Mail to:  Bob Holzer, Treasurer

                                                            4 Camino San Lucas

            Lamy, NM  87540


                                                            Or, PayPal to:


The SRRA annual membership meeting and potluck get-together for all residents will be Sunday, November 17, at 3:00pm at Jim and Carole Garland's home at 102 Spur Ranch Road. We'll send out another announcement as the time approaches, but please mark this on your calendar. The annual meeting is the time when residents can vote on the proposed budget, bring up other issues pertaining to the road and the community, and vote to elect directors (there will be two openings for directors this year). Note that under the SRRA bylaws only members who have paid their dues in full are eligible to vote.

            Thanks very much!

            Jim Garland, President

            102 Spur Ranch Road



Spraying RT

Ben got the Northside of SRR yesterday morning, and the Southside this morning....except for about 100 feet....ran out of liquid refreshment for the RT.