Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spur Ranch Road conditions

09 September, 2013



Spur Ranch Road Association Members:


Owing to the recent rains Spur Ranch Road has softened along much of its length.  Owing to increased traffic, including both large horse trailers and loaded and unloaded dump trucks weighing in at some 13+ tons each (depending on the size of the dump body and the amount/type of the load) traveling SRR at speeds in excess of the posted limit, the road has deteriorated, again, along much of its entire length.  The Spur Ranch Road directors, while being aware of the road’s condition, and like you, using it as our primary residential access, have no control over the weight of vehicles using the road and only the S.F. Sheriff’s deputies on vehicular patrol have any significant control of the speed of any vehicles using the road.


For you members living on the west end of Spur Ranch Road and using Ave. de Compadres you’ll have noted that Ave. d. Compadres has also deteriorated significantly and may become impassable given the additional rains currently forecast. If Ave. d. Compadres becomes impassable that will leave Spur Ranch Road as your primary ingress/egress. 


Please encourage any visitors, construction drivers, etc. using Spur Ranch Road to drive the posted speeds – especially those individuals pulling trailers and/or those hauling heavy loads.


The SRRA board will do everything we can given our current financial resources to ensure Spur Ranch Road remains passable and safe; we also live here.




Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Association Board member

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