Thursday, May 14, 2015



2015 May 14: STAGE 1 – Guarded Conditions Water Restrictions Imposed


Santa Fe, New Mexico – May 14, 2015 – The Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD) is imposing water restrictions on its customers beginning Thursday,
May 14, 2015. A Stage 1 Water Alert is put into effect when it appears that water supply may not be able to keep up with demand or in anticipation of supply lagging demand during drought periods or extended periods of exceptionally hot weather. Water production is limited this year owing to the impact of ongoing drought conditions on the District’s wells. The water levels in two District wells drilled into the Galisteo Creek Alluvium near Lamy are too low to pump during years of drought and low winter snow pack in the watershed. This year we are also seeing the effects of five years of sustained drought conditions, resulting in reduced production levels in two other major District wells.

STAGE 1-GUARDED CONDITIONS WATER RESTRICTIONS include following the mandatory conservation measures given below:
A. Outdoor watering is restricted to one of the following two options of the customer’s choosing:

1. Up to THREE WEEKDAYS, including only Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday (NO WEEKEND WATERING); OR

2. TWO days per week, including ONE weekend day as follows:

a) ODD-NUMBERED house addresses on Tuesday and Saturday;

b) EVEN-NUMBERED house addresses on Thursday and Sunday;

B. No watering of lawns;

C. No new in-ground planting of any trees or shrubs

D. No outdoor watering between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm

E. No washing of outdoor hard surfaces (e.g., driveways, patios, sidewalks)

F. No washing of vehicles, including recreational vehicles or trailers

G. No filling or adding water to pools or outdoor water features (e.g., fountains, ponds). Covered outdoor spa/hot tubs are allowed.

ENFORCEMENT in a Stage 1 Water Alert is as follows:

§  First-time violations of these water restrictions will result in a verbal warning and documentation in a customer file.

§  A second violation will result in a written notice of violation.

§  All other violations will result in the customer’s water service being turned off.


The District is taking action to implement water supply projects that will ease the burdens on the water system under future drought conditions. If a more severe water alert is posted, it will be advertised on the District website, on signs posted in the Eldorado area, on posters in various locations in the community, and through a press release to the local area newspapers. Likewise, similar notification will be provided when the Water Alert is lifted. Meanwhile, EAWSD customers are being asked to continue their water conservation efforts with special attention to reducing usage on weekends, which are typically the highest usage periods.

For more information:

§  Call 466-1085 (EAWSD customer service and billing office)

§  email [ ] or

§  Visit the EAWSD website at or

§  Read the May issue of Water Notes


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Spur Ranch Road work commencing


You will likely have noticed that following the rains this spring the section of Spur Ranch Road from NM 285 to the railroad tracks has become seriously degraded with potholes and ruts.  Your Spur Ranch Road Association Board of Directors has contracted with a road contractor to grade, add base course, water and roll that section of Spur Ranch Road.  That work will commence within 10 days from this date.  In the interim please drive slowly and carefully.  After the road has been repaired, please drive slowly and carefully – the speed limit along the entire length of Spur Ranch Road is 30 mph – vehicles driving Spur Ranch Road at speeds in excess of 30 mph create degradation to the road at a geometric rate.


Drive Safely (and Slowly),


Al Webster,


Spur Ranch Road Association