Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Final Update 08/30/2014

Dear Neighbors,

     Our roadwork is finally completed and Spur Ranch Road is open for normal traffic. I hope you will find that the end result made the long wait worthwhile. Here are a few things you should know about our new road.  

     The road surface currently is covered with small loose particles, called "fines," and these are what cause the clouds of dust from passing cars. Soon, these fines will blow away (or be washed away by rain), and the dust should be greatly abated. Until the fines wash away, however, the road when wet may be somewhat slippery, so please take that into consideration when you drive it. As the fines diiminish, the traction will improve. The road is still curing, and while normal traffic causes no problems, its strength will significantly increase over the next few weeks.

     Additionally, we have had extra gravel mixed into the road on the segment between Rancho San Lucas and Silver Saddle. This is the part of the road where we have had greatest problems from rain and snow in the past, and the extra gravel will improve the road strength and adhesion.

     We are hopeful this new road will be extremely durable, will resist washboarding, and will require minimal maintenance for several years. We know from lab tests that the new road should be extremely water resistant, with none of the problems experienced with the earlier RoadPacker treatment. However, since this is a new product, we won't really know about the road's long-term durability until we have been through a full year's experience, with snow, rains, freeze-thaw cycles, and heavy traffic. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

     Bob Sherwin, the owner and founder of Bionic Soil Solutions, has honored his pledge to correct the problems associated with our original road nearly three years ago. He has done this at great effort and great cost to his company, but no additional charge to us.  (The one exception has been the extra gravel we asked him to mix into the road, for which we paid $5000.)

     Our new road is so smooth that there will be a temptation to drive fast. We've already noticed delivery trucks and other vehicles speeding along the road. PLEASE resist the temptation to speed and observe the 30 mph posted speed limits. We have bicyclists, horseback riders, children, pedestrians, and many elderly drivers using the road, and we don't want any accidents. Furthermore, we want the road to last a long time, and high speeds greatly exacerbate washboarding and the wear and tear of the road surface.

     Finally, I'd like to acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of our volunteers who helped with traffic management during the past week. The volunteers were Ron Billingsley, Steve Campbell, Carole Garland, Jim Garland, Jake Greene, Bob Hutchins, Henry McCormick, Sue McCormick, Ellie Scott, Michael Scott, and Al Webster. Also, I want to thank Ben Schoenfeld for the many hours he has spent this spring and summer spraying the sides of the roads to help control Russian Thistle and other weeds. Finally, I'd like to thank Mr. Ted Harrison, founder and developer of the Galisteo Basin Preserve,. for donating water for our project at no charge. Ted's helpfulness and community-minded spirit was in marked contrast to that of the officials of the Eldorado Area Water and Santitation District.


Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association






Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Update 8:30pm 08_28_2014

Dear Neighbors,

I'm sorry we had to close the road for a few hours this afternoon, but doing so made it possible to expedite the roadwork. For tonight, the road is open for westbound traffic only. Tomorrow morning, there will be a few hours (roughly until noon) when we will restrict traffic to one lane, as we have done the past few days, but after that the road should be open for normal operation. The road has been shaped and graded, and all that remains for tomorrow is some watering and final rolling of the southbound lane. Then we are all done!


Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association

NOTICE: Spur Ranch Road Closed To Traffic - Until 5 pm (08/28/2014)

Dear Neighbors,

Regrettably, we're having to close both lanes of SRR between the RR tracks and Rte 285, starting immediately, until approximately 5 pm this afternoon. Residents who live in Rancho San Lucas or west of Silver Saddle should enter or leave their property by driving toward the RR tracks and then using Avenida Compadres.  Silver Saddle residents should exit east toward 285.  For everybody else, please use Avenida Compadres to enter and exit your property.


The reason for this decision is because the northbound lane is still too wet to allow traffic without damaging the road, and construction vehicles are working on the southbound lane.  We hope, we can reopen one lane by 5 pm this afternoon, or even earlier if all goes well, but there is also a possiblity we may have to keep the road closed beyond 5 pm. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, but I'm afraid we don't have any other options at this point. We tried leaving one lane open this morning, but the road was being damaged.


Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Progress Report 08_27_2014

Dear Neighbors,

            The north side of SRR is nearly finished, except for a final rolling,

which will take place tomorrow morning. Much of today was spent

milling (churning) the road to hasten evaporation of the 0.75 in. of

rain which we had during the previous 24 hours. At roughly 11 am

tomorrow, the north lane will be completed and open for traffic.  In

the meantime, it is important for all vehicles to stay off the north

lane, because tire imprints will retard the necessary evaporation of

moisture, which means the road won't cure properly.

            Once the north lane is open, work will begin on the south lane. The

goal is to complete work on the south lane by 7 pm tomorrow and let

the road cure overnight.  Then, if all goes as planned, on Friday

morning the construction equipment will disappear and the road will be

open for normal use. Until then, our volunteers will control traffic,

as in the past two days. Thanks for your patience.



Jim Garland, president

Spur  Ranch Road Association

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Progress Report 08-26-2014

Dear Neighbors,

            Today's rains (0.33 in total), the first significant rain in weeks, unfortunately slowed down work on our road. The excess water means that the road will have to dry out a bit before the surface can be rolled with finish grading. It was a frustrating time for all of us. Because of the rain, the road crew stopped working at 6 pm, an hour earlier than scheduled, because the road surface became too wet to roll.

            My best guess is that work will now continue into Thursday and, depending on the rain situation tomrrow, possibly into Friday. Tonight, as explained in an earlier email, the road is Westbound one-way only. At 7 am tomorrow, our volunteers will resume their traffic control duties, enabling traffic flow in both directions.

            If you have need to leave the area during the evening, please use Avenida Compadres. For safety's sake do not try to travel East on the closed road; doing so is unsafe and invites an accident.  If you are driving Westbound on the road, toward Compadres, be very careful to stay clear of the parked road equipment on the south side of SRR, between the RR tracks and Calle Junipero.

            I'll send an updated report tomorrow. Thank you.

Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association


Monday, August 25, 2014

Reminder: RoadWork Starts Tuesday Morning

Dear Neighbors,

            Tomorrow starting at roughly 7:00 am, work will begin on Spur Ranch Road, between Rte 285 and the RR tracks. During the day, until 7:00 pm, only one lane of the road will be open at a time, with neighborhood volutneers stationed at each end to coordinate traffic flow.

            During the nighttime hours, from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am, the road will be CLOSED TO EASTBOUND traffic. One lane will remain open during the night, but it will be for westbound (incoming) traffic only. If you need to leave your home during the night, please use Avenida Compadres. Avenida Compadres has bad washboards, but is safe to drive if you go only 5-10 mph. Please allow yourself enough time.

            There will be the same schedule for the road on Wednesday, and possibly Thursday, or until the roadwork is completed.

            IMPORTANT:During the night, road construction equipment will be parked in a convoy on one lane of Spur Ranch Road, between the RR tracks and Calle Junipero. Please be very careful when you drive around this parked equipment. We really want to avoid any accidents. Thank you.


Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Update 08_21_2014

Dear Neighbors,

Here's additional information from Bob Sherwin about the coming week's roadwork. Please take to heart his comments about being careful driving on the road on Monday.  I recommend you use Avenida Compadres, if possible.

            "The grader operator would like to start preparing the road on Monday so we can be more efficient with our time and all of the equipment and operators deployed.  His mission will be to pull up the gravel that has been pushed off into the ditch and to prepare at least one lane of the road for the application.  He may have a windrow of soil in one lane, so I wanted you to be able to notify the residents to be cautious while driving on Monday.  I don’t think it will be necessary to have flag people on Monday (your call) as the majority of the road will be open.  

                We will have two 18 wheeler-tankers delivering 7000 gallons of Bionic Road Solution to the site on Monday.  They will pump the solution into water trucks in preparation of the work being done the next 2-days.  We will be mobilizing the other equipment which will also be arriving Monday.  We will be using a 10,000 lb Zipper attached to a Front end loader that will be milling up the surface layer to be treated and mixing our product into the soil.  We will also have 3 water trucks, a grader and a 12-ton roller. "




Spur Ranch Road Association

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Volunteers Needed!

Dear Neighbors,

We need a few more volunteers to help manage road traffic while our road is being resurfaced.  The dates are Tuesday, Aug 26, and Wednesday, Aug 27. If the work isn't finished by then, which is a distinct possibility, we will need help also on Thursday, Aug 28.


We need volunteers to serve three hour shifts on one or two days, with one person at each end of the road.  The blocks of available time are


7am-10am (Tuesday & Wednesday are filled, Thursday is open)

10am-1pm (Tuesday is filled, Wednesday and Thursday are open)

1pm-4pm (Tuesday is open, Wednesday is filled, Thursday is open)

4pm-7pm (Tuesday is filled, Wednesday & Thursday are open)


Each volunteer will be given a walkie-talkie to coordinate traffic with his or her partner at the other end of the road. You can park your car at your end of the road and wait in it for a car to come, or if it's pleasant outside, you may prefer to enjoy the fresh air in a lawn chair (which we will provide) and read a book between cars.


My wife Carole is putting together the schedule, so if you're willing to help out just email her at, or give her a ring at 699-5811 and let her know your available times. If you've already agreed to help, there's no need to contact Carole. If we can't get enough volunteers, we'll have to hire people to do this, and I hate to spend the money to do that.



Jim Garland

Spur Ranch Road Association

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Update 08_14_2014

Dear Neighbor,

The dates for the work on Spur Ranch Road are now scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 26th and Wednesday, Aug 27th.  Some of the road equipment will arrive on Monday, Aug 25th and will be parked near the railroad tracks.  During the daytime, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, volunteers will be stationed at each end of the road (at the RR tracks and Hwy 285) with two-way radios to direct traffic. Only one lane of the road will be open at a time, while work is being done on the other lane, so it is important that vehicles stay in the open lane. Residents along the road will still be able to enter and leave their driveways and streets as usual. Throughout the night, SRR will be westbound only. Therefore, residents wanting to leave the area after 7:00 pm should take Avenida Compadres.

Please be careful to drive slowly and to avoid the construction workers and machinery. The road will be treated with the Bionic Road Solution, which is a clear liquid containing 50% water. The formula is made from naturally occurring chemicals in the earth’s crust, such as potassium, and is non-toxic. However in its concentrated form, the formula has a high pH (highly alkaline) that can cause skin irritation, so the workers that work directly with the product will be wearing gloves and proper protective gear. Should you get any on your skin, please wash it off with soap and water, or vinegar and water.  The formula has no negative impact on metals or automobile finishes. 

It is our goal to limit the number of vehicles on the road, in order for the work to be completed in two days (the best case scenario). The road will be available for those who have no other alternative, but we ask everyone else to please use Avenida Compadres if at all possible. Avenida Compadres is safe to drive on, although parts of it have bad washboards. On those parts you should plan on driving no faster than 5-10 mph in order to avoid damaging your vehicle suspension.

We are still looking for volunteers to assist with traffic control, so please let me know if you can spare three hours on Tuesday or Wednesday to help us complete this project. Thank you.



Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association

Friday, August 1, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Update_08/01/2014

Dear neighbor,

Here's the latest word on planned roadwork from Bob Sherwin, of Bionic Soil Solutions:


" I received an email from the contractor saying that they are running behind on the Pecos project as they get bedrock. They are now working seven days a week to avoid construction delay penalties of $1500 per day. They have to complete the project by middle of August and we will go straight to your road. I will keep you posted as I learn more. Thank you."


I'll let you all know as soon as the dates get firmed up.


Jim Garland

Spur Ranch Road Association