Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Progress Report 08-26-2014

Dear Neighbors,

            Today's rains (0.33 in total), the first significant rain in weeks, unfortunately slowed down work on our road. The excess water means that the road will have to dry out a bit before the surface can be rolled with finish grading. It was a frustrating time for all of us. Because of the rain, the road crew stopped working at 6 pm, an hour earlier than scheduled, because the road surface became too wet to roll.

            My best guess is that work will now continue into Thursday and, depending on the rain situation tomrrow, possibly into Friday. Tonight, as explained in an earlier email, the road is Westbound one-way only. At 7 am tomorrow, our volunteers will resume their traffic control duties, enabling traffic flow in both directions.

            If you have need to leave the area during the evening, please use Avenida Compadres. For safety's sake do not try to travel East on the closed road; doing so is unsafe and invites an accident.  If you are driving Westbound on the road, toward Compadres, be very careful to stay clear of the parked road equipment on the south side of SRR, between the RR tracks and Calle Junipero.

            I'll send an updated report tomorrow. Thank you.

Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association


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