Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Update 08_21_2014

Dear Neighbors,

Here's additional information from Bob Sherwin about the coming week's roadwork. Please take to heart his comments about being careful driving on the road on Monday.  I recommend you use Avenida Compadres, if possible.

            "The grader operator would like to start preparing the road on Monday so we can be more efficient with our time and all of the equipment and operators deployed.  His mission will be to pull up the gravel that has been pushed off into the ditch and to prepare at least one lane of the road for the application.  He may have a windrow of soil in one lane, so I wanted you to be able to notify the residents to be cautious while driving on Monday.  I don’t think it will be necessary to have flag people on Monday (your call) as the majority of the road will be open.  

                We will have two 18 wheeler-tankers delivering 7000 gallons of Bionic Road Solution to the site on Monday.  They will pump the solution into water trucks in preparation of the work being done the next 2-days.  We will be mobilizing the other equipment which will also be arriving Monday.  We will be using a 10,000 lb Zipper attached to a Front end loader that will be milling up the surface layer to be treated and mixing our product into the soil.  We will also have 3 water trucks, a grader and a 12-ton roller. "




Spur Ranch Road Association

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