Monday, August 18, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Volunteers Needed!

Dear Neighbors,

We need a few more volunteers to help manage road traffic while our road is being resurfaced.  The dates are Tuesday, Aug 26, and Wednesday, Aug 27. If the work isn't finished by then, which is a distinct possibility, we will need help also on Thursday, Aug 28.


We need volunteers to serve three hour shifts on one or two days, with one person at each end of the road.  The blocks of available time are


7am-10am (Tuesday & Wednesday are filled, Thursday is open)

10am-1pm (Tuesday is filled, Wednesday and Thursday are open)

1pm-4pm (Tuesday is open, Wednesday is filled, Thursday is open)

4pm-7pm (Tuesday is filled, Wednesday & Thursday are open)


Each volunteer will be given a walkie-talkie to coordinate traffic with his or her partner at the other end of the road. You can park your car at your end of the road and wait in it for a car to come, or if it's pleasant outside, you may prefer to enjoy the fresh air in a lawn chair (which we will provide) and read a book between cars.


My wife Carole is putting together the schedule, so if you're willing to help out just email her at, or give her a ring at 699-5811 and let her know your available times. If you've already agreed to help, there's no need to contact Carole. If we can't get enough volunteers, we'll have to hire people to do this, and I hate to spend the money to do that.



Jim Garland

Spur Ranch Road Association

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