Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day on Spur Ranch Road


Many thanks to the below-named SRRA members and neighbours who picked up a year’s worth of trash and garbage off SRR and some 15-feet on either side of the ditches on 22 April, 2015:

Compadres to Junipero: Smokey Daniels

Junipero to the SFS tracks: Ron Billingsley

SFS tracks to Silver Saddle: David and Susan Hill, Kerry Armour

Silver Saddle to 285: Mary Clark, Roberta Armstrong and Al Webster

There were some interesting finds recorded – it seems that Foster’s Lager was the beverage of choice for drivers this year followed by almost equal representation by the brewers of Pacifico, Corona, and Anheuser-Busch.  Red Bull was also noted as were some of the hydrating ‘ sport drinks’.  Both bottles and cans were collected and recycled.  There were various scraps of plastic and metal of un-identifiable sources collected.  All the glass, plastic and metal will be recycled.  We don’t need to wait until next Earth Day to collect materilas on the road, by the way……..


Again, thanks for all the assistance and willingness to get dirty in aid of keeping the road neat and presentable.


Al Webster

Spur Ranch Road Association,

Board member

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