Monday, February 16, 2015

SRRA Board Minutes 02-11-2015

February 11, 2015

Directors Present:  Jim Garland, Jake Green, Al Webster
Directors Absent:  Henry McCormick, Mary Anne Stickler
Guests:                   Roberta Armstrong, Carole Garland, Jacquie Hollister

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Roberta presented a budget summary for the period January 1 – February 11 and reported that SRRA had a positive cash flow during this period of $9,914.64.  The current bank balance is $13,683.19. We will make an effort to increase the level of participation from property owners at the west end of the road, and to aid that effort, Roberta presented a packet of solicitation information to be mailed to those individuals.  Jacquie has been contacting people living or owning property west of Rosa Linda regarding their participation and has volunteered to host an informational meeting in early spring.

Jacquie noted that there is no SRRA signage on the west end of the road, suggesting to some that we are not caring for that portion of the road.  It was agreed that Al will look into purchasing signs.

We need to contact Gilbert Chavez, to clarify the Rosa Linda accounting process.  The following questions and issues were formulated: (1) Do Rosa Linda owners pay their lot assessment out of their HOA assessments? (2) Should SRRA bill homeowners individually for their portion?  (3) Gilbert Chavez should be credited with $275 (the yearly individual assessment) for his in-kind road work.

The directors discussed concerns about the level of participation from the Tierra Colinas HOA.  Jake Greene reported that TCHOA directors voted to pay 50% of their collected revenue to SRRA, but was unaware of any rationale for that figure  Further, he indicated TCHOA will contribute toward their 2015 dues (currently an unspecified amount) in 2016, creating significant budget concerns for SRRA.

Jim reminded the board that all director positions are “at large,” with the directors representing the interests of all residents, rather than any specific or assigned constituency. Communication between the HOAs and SRRA will normally be between the presidents of the groups, since the presidents can speak on behalf of their respective boards.

The directors recognized the need to improve communication between SRRA and the three HOAs along the road, so we will invite HOA presidents to our meetings.  Jim volunteered to contact the TCHOA president to talk about improving communication.

We discussed road conditions on both the west end and east end of SRR.  Due to an improper final grading, three inch deep potholes have developed on about 1/3 of the road’s length. The underlying structure of the road below the potholes appears to be sound.  Bob Sherwin is bringing in his partner from Australia and we will arrange to meet with him to discuss options for improving the road surface.

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