Monday, February 16, 2015

Reminder - Earth Day Cleanup April 22

Earth Day Cleanup on Spur Ranch Road

April 22nd, 2015 is Earth Day and the day we’re going to pick up the years’ worth of beer and water bottles, old tires, cans, broken bottles and assorted other trash along Spur Ranch Road. Mark your calendars!
We’ll clean out the ditches and some 10 - feet beyond the ditches.  Roberta and I will be out in our small John Deere with the orange trailer and will collect the materials from Silver Saddle to 285 on both sides of the road.  We will need other SRR neighbours and friends to collect the debris from Compadres to Junipero on both sides of the road.  We’ll need additional individuals in the spirit of Earth Day to clean up both sides of the road from Junipero to the Santa Fe Southern tracks and more SRR folks from the SFS tracks to Silver Saddle.  It’ll be good to see some neighbours out there picking up the plastic and glass bottles and other collectables. You’ll be astounded at the material you’ll find out there – be interesting to get a Blog report from teams or individuals who participate.  We’ll start the debris collection Earth Day, April 22 about 0830.  Please sign up below so we know who will be participating.
Remember, Spur Ranch Road belongs to all of us and we’re all responsible for maintaining it in a clean and uncluttered state; if we don’t do it, I can guarantee, no one else will.  
Compadres to Junipero: Smokey Daniels
Junipero to the SFS tracks: Susie and Ben Schoenfeld
SFS tracks to Silver Saddle: David and Susan Hill
Silver Saddle to 285: Roberta Armstrong and Al Webster
Send any and all signups to me at <>
Here’s the Spur Ranch Road Blogsite:
Al Webster
Spur Ranch Road Association

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