Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spur Ranch Road repair and maintenance

To: Spur Ranch Road Association (SRRA) Members

From: Al Webster, Member, SRRA Board of Directors

Re: Road repair and maintenance

Please be aware that, depending on monsoonal activities, grading and rolling of Spur Ranch Road from NM 285 to Ave Compadres will begin Friday, 10 July, 2015.  If the road is too wet on Friday, grading and rolling will occur on either Monday or Tuesday, 13 or 14 July, 2015.  Please know that the grader weighs in excess of 10 tons and is not as agile as a car or truck – the same is true for the roller.  The equipment operator(s) will be concentrating on getting the job done so the road is left in excellent condition– please drive slowly around the road equipment and be courteous to the operator(s).  In fact, please drive slowly on Spur Ranch Road at all times; the posted speed of 30 mph is the ‘maximum’ speed recommended in order to prevent further damage to the road.

Drive safely,



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