Monday, November 26, 2012

Spur Ranch Road Update - 11_26_2012

Dear Neighbors,

Bob Sherwin phoned me this evening with the disappointing news that delivery of a key chemical used in his new road treatment product is now not available from the supplier for two months.  Because the treatment can't be done with freezing daytime temperatures, he is rescheduling the completion of our road until Spring. Groan.


As a stopgap measure, however, he plans to smooth out the surface of the road to remove the washboards and surface irregularities, and also to scrape the gravel from the ditches back onto the surface. This, he believes should get us safely through the winter months, until the permanent "fix" can be made. This temporary work will begin tomorrow. His crew will be using a grader and, if necessary, a water truck and extra gravel. He says no special traffic control assistance is required, but cautions everybody to be careful driving past the road machinery.




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