Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reminders: Spur Ranch Road Annual Meeting and Dues Payment

Dear Neighbor,


1. Annual Meeting: The SRRA annual membership meeting and potluck get-together for all residents will be Sunday, November 17, at 3:00 p.m. at Jim and Carole Garland's home at 102 Spur Ranch Road. Please mark this on your calendar. The annual meeting is the time when residents can vote on the proposed budget, bring up other issues pertaining to the road and the community, and vote to elect directors. There will be two openings for directors this year, so volunteers and nominations are most welcome. Please send me names of potential candidates, and feel free to call me if you want more information about director responsibilities (my phone: 466-8833).

                The agenda for the meeting will be (1) Update report on road condition, (2) Financial report by SRRA treasurer, (3) Consideration of the proposed 2014 budget ($12,300), (4) Update on the Roadpacker/Bionic Soil Solutions Situation, (5) Election of Directors, and (6) General discussion and other issues raised by members.


2. Dues Reminder: If you've not yet paid your 2013 dues, please do so now or at the meeting. Checks, cash, PayPal, almost anything negotiable is welcome. Dues are payable to SRRA Treasurer Bob Holzer, 4 Camino San Lucas, Lamy 87540.  You can contact Bob at Bob@bolbholzer.comPlease note that under the SRRA bylaws only members who have paid their 2013 dues in full are eligible to vote.


The dues schedule is as follows (Note that dues are unchanged from the 2012 dues):


1: Base Dues

            Residences west of railroad tracks, except Tierra Colinas: $275

            All other residences, including Tierra Colinas: $200

            Lots without residences: $100 per lot


2. Tierra Colinas Residents: part of your dues is automatically paid through your homeowners association assessment. The remainder is your responsibility and should be paid separately to the SRRA. The additional yearly amount to be paid is:


            Tierra Colinas Residents: $70

            Tierra Colinas Lot Owners: $35


3. Rancho San Lucas residents: Your HOA assessment includes the full (100%) dues for homeowners. Lot owners, and builder-owned homes are not covered for their lot assessment.


3. Potluck: We'll send an email in a few days with potluck information. Parking for the meeting can be anywhere along our driveway, or in the street. Hope to see you at the meeting!




Jim Garland, President

Spur Ranch Road Association

102 Spur Ranch Road




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