Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting Update

Dear Neighbor,


The SRRA annual meeting was held at the Garland home (102 Spur Ranch Road) on 17 November. No official count of attendance was taken, but roughly 25 community members attended the event.  The meeting was called to order by President Jim Garland, and the following agenda items were discussed:


1. Review of Finances: Treasurer Bob Holzer reviewed the expenditures and revenues for the prior year. As of 11/16/2013, expenditures totaled $9,278.84 and revenues received were $10,630, leaving a balance for the remainder of the  year of $1,351.16. There was considerable discussion of SRRA dues participation by individuals and Homeowners Associations. The Tierra Colinas HOA is underpaying the dues for its members by about 33%, and it was respectfully requested that the TCHOA yearly contribution to road maintenance be increased by $3000 to make up the difference.. The Rosa Linda HOA has not yet paid its contribution, but they have assured us that payment will be forthcoming. Homeowners  who are not members of HOAs and who have not yet paid will be sent followup dues reminders.


2.  2014 Budget: The estimated budget for 2014 of $12,300 was presented to the membership, and approved unanimously.


3. SRRA director Al Webster reviewed the condition of the road for the membership.

            The road segment between the RR tracks and Calle Junipero is in particularly bad condition, with no remaining base course. Washboarding along this segment of the road is very bad, and recurs only a week or two after grading.

            The road segment west of Calle Junipero, to Avenida des Compadres, is in much better condition, with drainage greatly improved by the addition of a culvert during the year. Grading two or three times a year should be adequate for this segment.

            The status of the unimproved dirt road west of the Avenida des Compadres (to the far end of the road) is currently unclear. It was noted that a large "Private Road" sign has been erected on that segment, and it is not clear whether residents there want to participate in SRR maintenance. We will try to clarify the status of this segment in the near future.

            The condition of the east segment of the road between Rte 285 and the RR tracks was also discussed in detail (see next section). It was observed that a culvert needs to be added at the dip in the road near Rte  285 to improve drainage, and that this should be installed before the road surface is completed.


4. Presentation by Mr. Bob Sherwin, RoadPacker/Bionic Soil Solutions. Mr Sherwin spent about 45 minutes with the group, answering questions and explaining the reasons for the delays in finishing work on our road. He apologized for the repeated delays, but reaffirmed his commitment to finishing our road. The primary reason for the delays is that he has reorganized his company and changed its scope from a third-party distributor to a manufacturer. He has also reformulated his product to be suitable for the alkaline property of southwest soils. Following 18 months of tests, his company has developed a product that shows exceptional water resistance and is extremely strong. He showed treated samples of Spur Ranch Road soil that had remained under water for several months without degradation. To date, he has successfully installed his product on three roads, and reports that customers are very pleased with the results. He confidently expects to complete our road after the spring thaw. In the interim, the Association will maintain the road as necessary, with grading and/or addition of gravel.


5. Election of Board Members: Mary Anne Stickler and Ann Bitter were elected to fill the vacant slots on the Board. The membership expressed thanks to outgoing directors Ron Billingsley and Susie Schoenfeld.


A motion to adjourn was unanimously approved,  after which the directors convened to elect board officers for the coming year. The officers are as follows:

            President: Jim Garland

            Vice President: Al Webster

            Treasurer: Bob Holzer

            Secretary: Ann Bitter


Respectfully submitted,


Jim Garland

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