Saturday, January 4, 2014

Internet Service Petition


(Forwarded to SRRA community at request of author)


Hello All,

Just wanted everyone living in the area to know that there is a petition drive in process to approach Century Link regarding providing internet service to our community.  Roberto Veliz in Tierra Colinas is working with Jim Williamson, Director of Consumer Relations, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to approach Century Link  about extending their service area to our are.hey already provide service to the other side of 285.  The suggestion was to get as many signatures on petitions as possible and then Jim Williamson will  approach Century  Link with our request.  Internet service would be much faster than we now have available and not much more expensive than we are now paying.  Signing the petition does not obligate anyone to buy the service, it just provides the documentation necessary to proceed with the request. They will not accept electronic signatures, they must be originals . Roberto will have a table at the Tierra Colinas annual meeting on the 28th so signatures can be collected there.  I have a petition as does Roberto Veliz and Smokey Daniels.  We will be out and about on Sunday collecting signatures and will bring one to your home if you prefer.  My phone number is 466-2163, Roberto's phone is 930-0970, and Smokey's is 466-2644 .  We hope to collect enough signatures in the next week or so to get the process started.

Thanks for considering whether or not you want to add your name to the list.

Happy New year !

Beth Prothro

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