Monday, April 21, 2014

Spur Ranch Road cleanup 22 April, 2014

Tomorrow is Earth Day and the day we’re going to pick up all the winter’s worth of beer and water bottles along Spur Ranch Road.  Roberta and I will be out in our small John Deere with the orange trailer and will collect the materials from Silver Saddle to 285 on both sides of the road.  Our neighbour, Smokey from Rosa Linda, has already collected the debris from Compadres to Junipero on both sides of the road.  That leaves both sides of the road from Junipero to the tracks and from the tracks to Silver Saddle undone.  It’ll be good to see some neighbours out there picking up the plastic and glass bottles and other collectables.  Or, at least, wave to us as we do the collection tomorrow starting about  0830.




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