Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time to collect the winter debris



Its time to clean up the fall and winter’s collection of debris and interesting artefacts from on and beside Spur Ranch Road.  This is to invite you to participate in the 5th Annual Cleanup of Spur Ranch Road on Earth Day; 22 April, 2016.  We’ll need Spur Ranch Road residents to collect from these sections:

Section 1: Far West (west of Ave de Compadres) to the end of the road.

Section 2:  Ave de Compadres to Calleja Junipero.

Section 3: Calleja Junipero to the Railroad Tracks

Section 4: Railroad Tracks to Silver Saddle.

Section 5: Silver Saddle to US 285 (Roberta and I will do this section)

Please collect debris from the road itself, from the ditches on either side of the road and up to 10 feet beyond the ditches on either side of the road but… trespassing please!  Please collect any nails, screws, etc.  that might puncture tires as well as cans, bottles, plastic bags, in, fact, everything that isn’t ‘natural’ or fencing, signage, etc.  Wear high visibility clothing if you have it.  Please recycle what you can.

Let me know which section you and any neighbours and/or friends might like to take on by responding to this email.  Please let me know when you have finished  collecting on your section.


Many thanks, neighbours!!


Al Webster,


Spur Ranch Road Association


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