Friday, March 24, 2017

Spur Ranch Road work to be done

Good morning Spur Ranch Road Association members,


The first major work on SRR for 2017 is planned for next week, 29 March (depending on weather).  Deep grading and re-crowning of the road will occur from US 285 to the Santa Fe Southern tracks.  There will be significant work done at the ‘S’ curve and east to US 285; the bar ditch on the south side of the ‘S’ will be made shallower and, east of the ‘S’,  the loose surface gravel will be thoroughly mixed into the road bed.


Please drive carefully and cautiously while this work is being done – there will be a dump truck, a water truck, a grader and a roller involved in this event; these are large cumbersome vehicles and maneuver slowly.


Drive carefully and slowly,




Al Webster

Member, SRRA Board of Directors



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