Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Grading Spur Ranch Road

Members of the Spur Ranch Road Association:


The monsoons for 2018 have arrived and your Spur Ranch Road Association (SRRA) has determined that now is the optimal time to grade our Road again - within the next few days Spur Ranch Road from US 285 west to the tracks will be deeply graded & rolled, the ditches reshaped and the crown renewed.  Spur Ranch Road from the tracks west to Ave. de Compadres will be graded sufficient to correct the wash boarding.


During the same time frame New Mexico Gas Co. will continue to install the gas line east from Rancho San Lucas along the north side of Spur Ranch Road – road grading and pipe line installation will be coordinated.  Please be aware that there will be ‘work in progress’ road signs, traffic cones, parked  vehicles and grading occurring along Spur Ranch Road – PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY in these construction zones.


Please be aware that Ave. de Compadres will likely be passable by 4x4 vehicles only during and immediately following strong monsoon events such as those forecast for the next few days and until the monsoons are over.


Several of us have been advised that there will be increasing train traffic on the Santa Fe Southern rail line this summer.  Please note that the STOP signs at the level crossing are there for your safety and that in any collision with a train the lighter vehicle would incur the most damage.  Most vehicles using Spur Ranch Road are significantly lighter than any train.


Plans are being made by Santa Fe County to upgrade the Rail Trail from Avenida Eldorado south to Spur Ranch Road.  This upgrade is scheduled to occur during the summer of 2018 with staging of equipment at the parking area at the junction of the Rail Trail and Avenida Eldorado. There will, however, likely be additional traffic and some equipment using Spur Ranch Road.  Your SRRA Directors will be monitoring this and will try to give you timely updates.


Be safe,


Al Webster

Board of Directors

Spur Ranch Road Association



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