Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Sept 11. 2011 Interim Director's meeting

                                                     SSRA Member and Voter Eligibility 

1. All owners are entitled to membership if their property abuts SRR, or if they use SRR for primary or secondary access to their property. Further, all owners are subject to the other relevant provisions of the Bylaws.
2. A voting member must be current in SRRA dues and/or assessments. For the initial members’ meeting, members who have contributed at least $100 toward SRRA(either directly to the Association or through their HOA assessments) prior to voting are considered voting members.
3. Voting members may cast their votes in person at a valid association meeting or may give their votes to another voting member or to their HOA to be cast in proxy at a valid association meeting.
4. Unless an HOA elects not to represent its members to SRRA, then each property owner in the HOA is automatically considered to be a member of SRRA, unless such property owner declines SRRA membership in writing (or by e-mail) to SRRA.
5. If an HOA votes by proxy for its members, it is entitled to the number of votes of the parcels of the HOA whose owners are current in their HOA assessments, provided that the HOA contributes at least $100 apiece on behalf of those parcels to SRRA (in the first members’ meeting), or at least the current SRRA dues/assessments for subsequent meetings. Further, all HOAs are subject to the additional provisions of the Bylaws.
6. An HOA which votes by proxy for its members must give a list to SRRA of the names of its assessment-current property owners (since only assessment-current members of an HOA are eligible to become officers or directors of SRRA).

Approved 9-11-2011 by interim directors

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