Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update on the Spur Ranch Road Association General Meeting

The Meeting will be held this Saturday, Sept. 17, 3:00-5:00pm in the Eldorado Community Center. The meeting room is located on the far left in the main building.

The primary purpose of the meeting is to conduct an election for the association directors (who will hold two or three year terms). Here is some additional information:
1. How to become a member of SRRA: If you are in a homeowners’ association you are automatically a member, unless you opt out. If you are not in an HOA, then you should notify me by telephone (466-8833) or email of your desire to join SRRA. There will also be a sign-up sheet at Saturday’s meeting. I hope everybody will join. Remember that dues payment is voluntary.
2. Eligibility to vote:Eligibility to vote at Saturday’s meeting (or to run for office) is limited to residents who have eithercontributed at least $100 to road maintenance during the past year, or who are current in their assessments in their homeowners’ association. Residents can pay their $100 (minimum) at the meeting, and if you don’t remember if you have paid, we will bring a record of prior payments to the meeting.
3. Director Candidates:The SRRA bylaws call for five elected directors. Currently, there are four announced candidates:
Kerry Armour
Ron Billingsley
Jim Garland
Susie Schoenfeld
Please email or phone me if you would like to be a candidate or wish to nominate a neighbor. Write-in candidates during the meeting are also encouraged. Candidates will be asked to make a brief statement about their backgrounds during the meeting.
4. Voting Rules:Eligible members can cast one vote for each parcel of property owned, whether the property includes a building or is vacant land. HOAs can cast proxy votes for their members, unless HOA members wish to cast their individual ballots. If you are in an HOA, but wish to cast an individual ballot, please let us and your HOA representative know at the meeting. (There are other conditions pertaining to HOA voting, which you can read on the SRRA blog site, mentioned below). If you cannot attend the meeting, you can also give your proxy vote to a neighbor.
5. Association Officers:Immediately after the general meeting, the newly elected directors will hold a meeting to elect officers (president, secretary, treasurer).
6. Blog site:There is a new SRRA blog site at
This site was created by one of your interim directors, Kerry Armour, and is a good place to post comments, ask questions, find minutes of meetings and read general announcements. It is still in its formative stages, but will become more comprehensive in future months. Check it out!
7. Other Meeting Agenda Items: After the election, the directors will report on (a) the current finances of the association, and (b) a proposal to make a permanent improvement of the road between Rte 285 and the mailboxes (0.9 mile). This proposal will be taken up by the directors at their meeting, which follows the general meeting.
Thanks, and hope to see you on Saturday.
Jim Garland
102 Spur Ranch Road

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