Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spur Ranch Road - Annual Meeting Announcement

Dear Neighbors,


On behalf of the directors, I would like to invite you to attend the Spur Ranch Road Association Annual Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, March 31 at 2 p.m., The location is at my home at 102 Spur Ranch Road. Following the formal meeting (which should last about an hour) we will hold a barbeque and general social get-together for the community, courtesy of Bob Sherwin of RoadPacker Southwest. This promises to be a fun time to meet and get to know some of your neighbors. We’ll post flyers and send reminder notices as the date approaches.


The annual meeting is important because, in accord with the SRRA bylaws, eligible residents will be asked to vote on the SRRA directors’ proposed budget for 2012. Budget details will be distributed at the meeting, but here is a summary of the important facts:


The SRRA directors have assessed the condition of the road and are proposing the following maintenance and improvement steps for 2012:


1. Install a culvert west of Calle Juniper where the road washed out last year

2. Grade three times between the RR tracks and Avenida de los Compadres

3. Grade one time the dirt road extension from Compadres to the stables

4. Plow twice for snow removal (entire road)


Our estimated budget for these steps, which include funds for liability insurance, miscellaneous and contingency expenses, and a $4000 contribution to a reserve fund (to rebuild the road in a decade) is $11,800. In order to raise the revenue, we propose the following base 2012 assessments for homeowners and lot owners:


1. Homes & businesses east of the RR tracks (including Tierra Colinas): $200/ea

2. Homes & businesses west of the RR tracks (except those in Tierra Colinas): $275/ea

3. Lot owners (all): $100/ea


Note that the $75 “surcharge” for homes west of the RR tracks reflects the added expenses associated with that part of the road, as well as the small number of residences (10) west of the railroad tracks. As the west end of the road continues to develop in the coming years, we will certainly ask developers to make a major commitment to improving it.


Please note that these dollar amounts are based on our “best guess” estimates. As we gain experience in predicting and budgeting road maintenance needs, we will obviously revise future projections accordingly. Also, if there are unspent funds at the end of the year, these will roll over to the subsequent year and reduce the future assessments.


Two points to keep in mind. First, as specified in our bylaws, payments to the SRR Association are completely voluntary. That said, in order for the Association to maintain the road for the benefit of all residents, and in the interests of basic fairness, it is important to have a high level of participation.


Second, the proposed assessments reflect our “base” or minimum request. We have tried to keep this amount as low as possible, in order to minimize the burden on residents during these difficult economic times. However, we hope that residents who have the means to do so will consider making larger contributions.


Thanks very much and, as always, feel free to email or phone me (466-8833) if you have suggestions, comments, or questions.



Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association


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