Monday, February 20, 2012

SRRA board meeting 19-Feb-2012

SRRA board meeting

Monetary review....$1500 in the bank...Bob to reconcile

Discussion of budget for 2012 Jim wants to raise nearly $13K. More conservative estimate would be $10,300 Agreed upon amount $11,800 after discussion

Expense model being considered includes a surcharge for west of tracks. Additional $75, in principal it is the fair way.

east of RR
Homeowners $200
Lot Owners $100

HO $275
LO $100

Motion to vote on proposal of the above. Kerry motioned, Al seconded. Unanimously carried.

Other points:

When Miller's Tierra Bello covenants are drafted we want an included requirement to be part of SRRA. Board members will track this via Michael Montgomery's newsletter.

Annual Public Meeting and BBQ:
31Mar 2PM meeting 3PM Food. At Jim & Carol's Jim moved, Al seconded, Unanimously carried.

Jim will send info to HOA heads then general population by 29FEB. Bulletin Board at TC/mailboxes will get flyer as well. Flyer also to be put on doorsteps 2 weeks prior.

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