Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spur Ranch Road - Noon Update 04_03_2012

Dear Neighbor,

Spur Ranch Road is still quite slippery, with volunteers stationed at the RR tracks encouraging eastbound drivers to use Avenida de las Compadres. Reports are that Compadres is driveable, with caution. Westbound traffic coming from Rte 285 along SRR is having an easier time and is being cautioned but not turned away.

A road grader arrived earlier this morning to clear away the slush on the road surface, but shortly after arriving blew its engine and had to be hauled away. A replacement grader is on its way, but will not arrive until about 2:30pm.  With any luck, none of which we’ve had so far today, the road should be driveable by the end of the work day.

A temporary measure being considered is to mix gravel/basecourse in with the slushy road surface to improve traction. This is a slightly different approach from that done a month ago, in which basecourse was distributed over the dry road. Clearly, this original approach did not work for very long because traffic just pulverized the basecourse, which then blew away.

I’ll keep everybody posted, as more information becomes available. As mentioned previously, the SRRA Board is meeting tonight at 7pm.


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