Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spur Ranch Road Update -9:45am 04_03_2012

Dear Neighbor,

Spur Ranch Road continued to deteriorate during the night and as of 9:45am is extremely slippery. Some traffic is moving slowly, but drivers are sliding and having difficulty. As of now, nobody has reported being hopelessly stuck off the side of the road, but there have been some close calls.


The surface deterioration now seems to be roughly an inch. The loss of traction occurs because the clay-rich surface material clogs tire treads, causing tires to lose nearly all their traction. Obviously the assurance we received from the RoadPacker group that the surface would cure after a period of above-freezing temperatures has not been realized.


I have been in contact with Bob Sherwin this morning. The grader has arrived moments ago and will start clearing the slush, so the road should be passable within an hour or so. I’ll send an update later this morning.


The SRRA directors are meeting this evening to discuss a course of action. Obviously, we have to find both an immediate solution, as well as a long-term solution for this problem before the monsoon season arrives.


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