Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spur Ranch Road Dues Collection Notice

Dear Neighbors,

I’m afraid it’s time for your road association to collect the 2012 annual dues for maintenance and improvements of our road. As you know, the Spur Ranch Road Association is a voluntary organization, but I hope you will all do your neighborly duty and contribute to the road upkeep. It’s the only fair thing to do.

Please recall that at our annual meeting, the community approved a dues schedule for the year, as follows:

Tierra Colinas homes and other homes east of the RR tracks: $200
Homes west of the RR tracks: $275
All lots: $100 (each lot)

Residents of Tierra Colinas and Rancho San Lucas have already contributed a portion of their road dues through their annual HOA assessment. If you own property in either subdivision and are current in your HOA assessment, then the additional amount owed now to the Spur Ranch Road Association is:

Tierra Colinas homeowners: $70
Tierra Colinas lot owners: $35
Rancho San Lucas homeowners:$150
Rancho San Lucas lot owners: $75

Payment can be either by check, or PayPal (or cash, if you insist). Please make checks payable to Spur Ranch Road Association, and mail them to our SRRA treasurer:

Bob Holzer
4 Camino San Lucas
Lamy, NM 87540
For PayPal, send payment to

Road Update: As soon as possible, we will schedule work on the portion of the road west of the RR tracks. We plan to grade, water, and compact the road, in hopes of reducing the buildup of washboard ripples. In the past, that portion of the road has only been graded, but experience shows that the improvement lasts only a few weeks at best. We also plan to install a culvert across the road just west of Calle Junipero, to facilitate water drainage and to keep the road from washing out when the monsoons arrive.

There are a few areas east of the RR tracks where the RoadPacker crew did not adequately clear out the drainage runouts and restore adequately some residents’ impacted property. We’ve been in touch with distributor Bob Sherwin, who has agreed to effect these repairs. On balance, however, the new road surface appears to be holding up very well. Of course, the crucial test will come when the rains arrive.

Let me remind you that SRRA maintains a blog site, where you can post comments, make suggestions, read the latest announcements, learn interesting information (e.g., about the proposed Tierra Bello development), and so forth. You can access this blog site at If you forget this address, then search for the association on Google and it’ll take you to the appropriate link.

Many thanks,

Jim Garland, SRRA President
102 Spur Ranch Road

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