Monday, July 2, 2012

West End Grading


You may have noticed that grading, watering and rolling has begun on Spur Ranch Road from the tracks west. Half of the distance will be graded today and the remainder will be graded and the entire length watered and rolled tomorrow. It is anticipated that the entire project will be completed by the end of the work day on Tuesday, 3 July.   Please be aware that the grader and trucks are working on the road and drive accordingly; there is room for a single car to pass or meet the grader during the project. Drive carefully.

Please be aware that there may be rocks graded up onto the road bed and drive slowly and avoid the rocks.  There will be no large rocks on the roadbed at the completion of the project.

Following the completion of this project 30 mph signs will be erected.  If speeds can be significantly  reduced on that section of the road it is anticipated that  the recurrent wash boarding will be significantly reduced. It will take all of us to work toward that goal.

Al Webster
SRRA Board member

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