Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spur Ranch Road Association

Fellow SRRA Members:

I’m sending this along to you in Jim Garland’s absence

Just as an update  you may have seen S. Schoenfeld & her husband Ben and my wife, Roberta,  and me on the road recently -  we have  been picking up trash along SRR during the past 2 weeks – it is truly amazing both the variety and amount of material we have collected – almost archaeological in nature – much of it has been or will soon be recycled.  Trash has been collected by the 4 of us from Rosa Linda to Calle Junipero on both sides of SRR and from Silver Saddle to 285 on both sides of SRR.  I would be good to have some assistance in cleaning the remainder; Calle Junipero to the railroad tracks, the rail road tracks to Silver Saddle on both sides of the road – don’t be afraid to just jump in there and do it – who knows what artefacts  you may find…..

We will commence spraying within the next week for Russian Thistle (aka ‘tumbleweed) along the roadway.

Attached in pdf form is the anticipated letter from Bob Sherwin dba Bionic Soil Solutions (formerly, Roadpacker, NM).

Any questions and/or comments may be directed to the Spur Ranch Road Association’s Board of Directors.

Drive Safely (please; at the posted speed limit of 30 mph),

Al Webster

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