Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spur Ranch Road Ass' work required

Fellow SRRA members,

The Board is aware of the damage done to SRR west of Calle Junipero following the heavy rains yesterday.  Significant parts of the bar ditches have been filled with silt from upstream. In other places the ditches have been significantly deepened.  The culvert we installed earlier this year worked as it was intended but is now filled with silt to approx. 5/8 of its carrying capacity.  In other places water simply washed across the road, north to south along the drainages indicated in the attached jpg.  This problem was not unforeseen; we have a road construction crew coming out soon to effect repairs.  For that section of the road, this will be an ongoing problem – SRRA simply does not have the resources to create a road in that area that will not be impacted by the torrential rains we have experienced recently.
We foresee doing repairs several times during each ‘monsoon’ season well into the future.
Thanks for your understanding of what appears to be a need for vigilance, caution and repair.

Please drive especially carefully in this area.

Al Webster

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