Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spur Ranch Road Update 08_18_2013

Dear Neighbor,

            As you've no doubt noticed, the Eastern segment of our road between the railroad tracks and Rte 285 has been regraded, with additional gravel added. This is a temporary measure to improve the road while we wait for Mr. Bob Sherwin of Bionic Soil Solutions (formery RoadPacker Southwest) to complete his work. A letter explaining the delays we have experienced on this project was sent to the community last month.

            Additionally, we have regraded the road west of Calle Junpero to Spur Ranch, in order to repair the damage done during the recent rains. We have also unclogged a culvert that became blocked with silt from the runoff, and are installing a filter system to inhibit future blocking. Although most residents at the West end of the road currently prefer to use Avenida Compadres, most of Compadres has no baseourse and becomes impassible with any significant rain. The directors therefore felt repairing this part of the road was a necessary step for the safety of the residents.

            At this time, the only part of the road which is in bad shape is the short segment between the railroad tracks and Calle Junipero, which has bad washboarding. Unfortunately, the lack of a basecourse on the segment means that grading offers no lasting improvement. We will have to wait until we have the budget to make improvements to that segment.

            Lastly, we have sprayed Russian Thistle along the length of the road. RT is a tenacious, highly invasive weed, but we hope we caught it early enough this year to have some impact on it.

            As a heads up, we will be requesting the 2013 dues from all residents and homeowner associations in the coming months. We've put off our dues request until now, because we didn't know what expenses we would incur with the Roadpacker-treated road. The financial situation is now clearer, and the SRRA board will be meeting soon to formalize our dues request.

            One last request: I would appreciate your sending to me the email address of any new members of the community, so that they can be added to future updates. With people moving in and out of the neighborhood, it's hard to keep track of everybody.




Jim Garland

President, Spur Ranch Road Association

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