Wednesday, September 24, 2014


‘A fierce storm dumped torrents of rain in pockets of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico on Monday night.’ This is the lead of a story on the front page of  the Santa Fe New Mexican on Wednesday, 24 September, 2014.  That rain, although not directly over Spur Ranch Road, severely impacted the road from approximately Calle Junipero  west to Rosa Linda.  We have placed traffic cones along some of the very worst places where the road bed is undercut and falling into the bar ditch. The centre of the road is safe to drive on if you drive very slowly and carefully.  In many places the bar ditches have been scoured to a depth of some 2.5 to 3 feet – please be very careful as you drive this section of Spur Ranch Road until your Road Association can effect repairs.  Repairs may occur as early as tomorrow, Thursday, 25 September.  The drainages in that area from the northeast come directly across the road - so all the rain that fell north and northeast of us drained into these drainages and flowed directly across Spur Ranch Road.   I examined an adjacent drainage yesterday just east of Ojo de la Vaca and estimated that there was flowage of water 4 feet deep and some 20 feet wide.  Spur Ranch Road was likely the recipient of a similar amount of water that had ‘delta – ed’ out by the time it reached this latitude. It is interesting to note that the drainages that flow across Spur Ranch Road are close to the northeastern end of the San Marcos Arroyo which feeds into the Galisteo River.


Drive carefully and slowly,




Board Member,

Spur Ranch Road Association

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