Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spur Ranch Road Update 09_27_2014

Dear Neighbors,

As I'm sure you've noticed, the newly reworked road between Rte 285 and the railroad tracks is extremely dusty, with washboarding developing over parts of the road. Neither of these conditions is what we expected from the Bionic Soil Solution treatment, and is also not what the company itself expected. As it turns out, this surface condition was caused inadvertently when the grader operator decided to do a finish grading of the road to smooth out any remaining imperfections. Unfortunately, the road had already cured by that time, and his grading actually destroyed the cohesion of the top half inch or so of the surface. The resulting fines (small particles) are what has caused the dust, and since they lie loosely on the surface they are also responsible for the washboards. Note that the washboards are very shallow and spaced closely together. They are impacting only the very top surface of the road. The grader operator made this error accidentally, not knowing that the Bionic Soil-treated road should not be graded after it had cured. (He had not previously worked on a road with the Bionic Soil treatment and had been unable to attend a company briefing in which the caveats were spelled out.)


Mr. Bob Sherwin has apologized for the unsatisfactory condition of the road, and is planning to correct the problem for us within the next two weeks (plus or minus). He is bringing in a grader to scrape off the loose surface material, and then he will coat the road with a newly-developed dust control product that is intended to eliminate (or greatly reduce) any further dust problems. The new product is manufactured in Canada and has received very good reviews. He has ordered 1800 gallons of it for our road, and it will be diluted with 1800 gallons of water. He doesn't know the exact date yet for the repair (which will take one day), since he has to await delivery of the dust control product from Canada. I'll let you know when we have an exact date.


We will be arranging traffic control with volunteers during the repair period. One lane of the road will be open at all times during the work.


FYI, if you're interested in learning more about the Bionic Soil treatment, you might want to view the Channel 4 newscast tomorrow after the Sunday night football game (Saints vs. Cowboys). The Channel 4 TV crew spent a day filming Bionic Soil Solutions while the company worked on roads in the Cherokee Nation and will be reporting on its findings.  The report will follow football game at roughly 9:15-9:30 pm.



Jim Garland, president

Spur Ranch Road Association  

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