Monday, December 19, 2011

Spur Ranch Road 4:00pm Update_Monday_12_19

Dear Neighbors,

I just checked out our road (using 2WD) and it is driveable but slippery, with about an inch of slushy snow. If you need to drive, then just keep to the center, use 4WD if you have it, and drive very slowly. 


The larger concern is that the temperature has now dropped below freezing (currently 31F) and is falling, with lows expected tonight in the mid-teens. The water currently on the surface of Rt 285 and I-25 (which is closed to the north) will likely turn to ice and make very hazardous conditions. A few more inches of snow are possible tonight. This is a good evening to put in a fire, make some popcorn, and curl up with a good book.




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