Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spur Ranch Road Update - 6:15pm Wednesday

Hi Everybody,

I just drove the road (Rte 285 to the RR tracks) to check out the condition, and it seems to have significantly improved since the previous reports. Outside temperature was 33F, and I was driving a Toyota Sequoia SUV, deliberately using 2WD, and applying brakes every 50 yards or so. There were a few somewhat slippery but manageable spots, and I never felt like I was losing control. I’d estimate 95% of the road is quite driveable at this time.


Clearly, it is advisable to stay to the center of the road, which is crowned, and to slow or stop if you have to move to the side because of an oncoming car.  Basically, however, I found the road acceptable if one exercises appropriate caution. I’ll report back in the morning, but certainly welcome other reports from residents.


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