Monday, December 19, 2011

Spur Ranch Road 9:30pm Update_ Monday-12_19

Dear Neighbors,

My wife, Carole, just now drove the length of the road (I rode shotgun) in our Toyota Sequoia, using 2WD, and limiting her speed to 15mph. The temperature was 28F with light snow flurries. At this time, the road surface was hard and covered with less than an inch of packed snow.


Carole had no trouble driving the road, despite slippery road conditions in many places. The worst area was the asphalt section adjacent to the RR tracks, and the next worst was the “old” part of the road west of the tracks. She braked every few yards to test the road conditions in all three sections. Accelerating is definitely more slippery than stopping, but you will skid a few yards if you brake suddenly. 


If you’re apprehensive about driving in winter conditions, then my advice is to stay home if possible. Otherwise, slow and easy does it, use common sense, and observe usual winter driving caution.





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