Monday, January 16, 2012

Spur Ranch Road - 4:30pm Update Monday _01_16_12

Dear Neighbors,

The extremely unfortunate turn of weather seriously impacted travel on our road earlier today, with rain throughout the day and nearly 0.5 inches of accumulation since last night. Avenida de los Compadres is no longer passable, even with 4WD vehicles, and earlier in the day Spur Ranch Road was very slippery. Several cars with 2WD slid off the road and had to be towed.

The grader was out about an hour ago widening the section of road from Silver Saddle to the RR tracks, so it is much improved. I just drove the entire road in 2WD and it was somewhat slippery, but I had no trouble going both directions.  

Nevertheless, my advice is to stay at home tonight if possible, unless you have a 4WD vehicle. If you have an emergency or compelling need to leave and feel it is unsafe to drive your car, then call me (466-8833) and we’ll arrange transportation for you.

If you do choose to drive the road, then be aware that the most slippery part is the slight uphill grade east of Silver Saddle towards 285. Keep your car in first or second gear, move at a slow constant speed (say 15-20mph), keep to the center, and avoid accelerating or braking. Be especially careful when you move out of the road center toward a driveway. That seems to be where most folks have had trouble.

I’ll send another update if there’s any significant change in road conditions.





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