Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spur Ranch Road Morning Update - Tuesday 01_17_12

Good morning, everybody.


I checked out Avenida de los Compadres earlier this morning and it is an undrivable mess, with puddles of water and deep muddy ruts. Best to avoid it now. If it dries out enough to be graded, we will try to make it passable.


However, all lanes of Spur Ranch Road are currently open to traffic (8:00a.m), with volunteer flaggers at each end advising vehicles of driving conditions.  At this time, the road surface is frozen and easily drivable, but once it thaws out it may become slippery again, but not as bad as yesterday.


It is unclear whether the road will dry out enough today for construction work to resume. If the road machines resume work later today, one lane will be kept open for traffic, with the possibility of short delays. Flaggers at each end of the road will manage the traffic flow.


The road segment between the RR tracks to Silver Saddle has not yet been graded or compacted, and the dirt/clay mix is very wet. Current plans are to stack the mix along one lane to permit it to dry. Thus, that segment of the road may have only one lane open for a couple of days.


For those of you who are interested in the technical reasons the road surface has not firmed up yet, I’ll shortly forward to the community an email on that topic from the RoadPacker CEO, Michael McDermott.







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