Monday, January 23, 2012

Spur Ranch Road - 9:00 p.m. Update, Mon 01_23_2012

Hi everybody,

Most of you have probably noticed the big piles of gravel down the road today. The grader operator had planned on spreading it this afternoon, but the grader broke down and can’t be repaired in the short term. Bob Sherwin finally found two Bobcats and drivers, and they are out on the road tonight spreading the gravel so that the road will be safe if it rains tomorrow. He estimates they will be at work until midnight, but their little machines won’t be able to spread the gravel smoothly and uniformly. Another full-size grader will be arriving in the morning to complete smoothing the surface, and so there shouldn’t be any problems using the road during the day.  If you have to drive it tonight, just be careful around the two Bobcats and know that only one lane is likely to be open.



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