Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spur Ranch Road Update - Sunday 01_15

Dear Neighbor,

The contractor has informed us today that work on the road should be completed tomorrow afternoon. Note the word “should,” which we’ve heard before. After the road is finished, the road crew will spend a day or two cleaning up and restoring the property damaged by road machinery and work crew vehicles, but that should not be an impediment to traffic.

As of 5:30 p.m. this evening, the road had been nicely graded, crowned and sheeps-footed (?) from Rte 285 down to the driveway at 78 SRR, needing now only a finally rolling. The remaining 0.2 mi from that driveway to the RR tracks is currently one-lane only, with piles of dirt blocking the south lane. However the dirt has already been mixed with Roadpacker chemicals and so needs only shaping and rolling.

                This afternoon I received an email from Bob Sherwin, the RoadPacker distributor, saying “Michael [McDermott]  said that it is not unusual to get a thin layer of mud within the few days after the road is curing, should it rain immediately after a road is done. I wanted to let you know not to be alarmed if that should happen. By the following week, we should be good to go with no worries when it rains.” I really hope the rain holds off (latest forecast is only a 20% probability) because everything Carole and I own is saturated with mud. Rest assured, we will monitor the water resistance of the road surface closely.

In any case, tomorrow will be yet another day with volunteers monitoring the ends of the road. Their job is to ask approaching vehicles to use Avenido de los Compadres as an alternate route until the “all clear” sign is received. For residents on Silver Saddle and to the East, that happy event should occur fairly early in the day.




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