Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spur Ranch Road Update and Volunteer Request (Sun 1-8)

Dear Neighbors,

                I want to remind everyone that tomorrow morning reconstruction of our road will begin in earnest and will continue throughout the work week. The first three days (Monday-Wednesday) will be the most inconvenient for us, with one lane open but covered with two inches or so of loose dirt.  

I just drove the back road, Avenue de los Compadres, and it was bumpy but easily passable in our SUV using 2WD. No guarantees, but you’re all welcome to use it if you prefer, though I wouldn’t try it in your Porsche or Mini-Cooper. If we don’t get much snow tonight (just a dusting so far), the contractor will grade the worst part of Compadres to facilitate traffic.

A plea for volunteers: We don’t yet have enough walkie-talkie-bearing flag persons to control traffic at each end of the road construction. As I mentioned, the crucial days are Monday through Wednesday, so if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare please email or call Kerry Armour, who is setting up schedules. Kerry’s email is, and her phone number is 983-4055.




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